All Assassin’s Creed Valhalla secret abilities and how to get them

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is home to loads of deadly weaponry that you can use to crush the skulls of your enemies. However, if you truly wish to decimate all those that dare to challenge you, then you’ll want to unlock the game’s best abilities. 

While the lightning-fast flurries of Eivor’s light attacks and bone-crunching heavy hits prove lethal in their own right, Valhalla’s combat really comes into its own when you have access to powerful abilities. These devastatingly powerful moves enable you to unleash your berserker rage and can make short work of even the hardiest of foes. This is particularly useful when you’re facing off against the game’s bloodthirsty bosses. 

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As a result, grabbing these game-changing combat abilities should be a top priority for any Viking looking to increase their damage. However, finding every ability in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can be a little tricky as each one is tucked away in secret locations across the overworld – in Books of Knowledge. Fortunately, our handy location guide will show you where to find each ability as well as give an explanation on what they do. 

Where to find Books of Knowledge, broken down by region

How to unlock abilities

In order to unlock abilities in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you’ll need to track down the various Books of Knowledge that are littered throughout the world. Just like the majority of Valhalla’s rare items, the Books of Knowledge can be found by heading over to the gold dots that appear on the map. 

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Once you’ve found a Book of Knowledge, simply interact with it to unlock the teachings hidden within its pages. While not every gold dot will give you instant access to the game’s abilities, it will invariably lead you to some form of treasure. Now that you know how Books of Knowledge work, let’s go over each ability and where you can find them.

Rygjafylke Books of Knowledge locations

Rygjafylke map location

Throwing Axe Fury

This deadly ability will see Eivor hurl throwing axes at all enemies in range and can be accessed by heading to the gold marker above Nottfal. 

Rage of Helheim

Rage of Helheim unleashes Eivor’s inner rage, slamming their enemy to the ground, leaving them helpless to your barrage of hits. If there’s a particularly tough foe on the field, then Rage of Helheim will leave them weak. 

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Head over to Kjotve’s Fortress and make your way to the northeastern gold point. Follow the path through the cave and break the ice wall at the end to reveal this Book of Knowledge.

Thorn of Slumber

Next up is the Thorn of Slumber ability. When activated, Eivor will mark an arrow with the Svefnthorn symbol and put targets to sleep. The sleeping effect makes Thorn of Slumber particularly useful when sneaking into enemy camps. 

The ability can be found by heading over to the middle tower of Gryttirsand. Simply climb up the tower, jump through the open window, and then make your way down the ladder to claim this ability. 

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Hordafylke: Books of Knowledge locations

Hordafylke map location

Mark of Death 

In order to get his skill, you’ll first need to find a missing key. Upon entering Alrekstad, head over to the hut opposite the pigpen. There will be a note that says the cellar key has gone missing and that it has likely ended up in the pigpen. Use your Odin Sight to highlight the key and pick it up. 

Once you have grabbed the cellar key, walk over to the nearby pulley system and shoot its weak point with your bow. This will send a net of rocks crashing down into the tunnel below and reveal a new entry point. 

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Simply run down the rocky corridor and open the cellar door with the key to claim the Mark of Death Ability. This ability allows you to mark sighted enemies and unleash a volley of target arrows towards them.

Grantebridgescire: Books of Knowledge locations

Grantebridgescire map location

Mark of Death 

Head to Meldeburne in the south of Grantebridgescire and kill all the enemy soldiers. Once you’ve dispatched the surrounding threats, use Odin’s Sight to locate the key (next to the prisoners) and loot it from the soldier’s corpse. 

Open the door to the left of the caged prisoners to claim the final Mark of Death skill. 

Rush & Bash

Rush towards your enemy and pick them up off the ground with incredible strength. You can either throw or slam them into walls to deal extra damage. The Rush & Bash skill is located in Ravensburg, which is directly northwest of Grantebridgescire. You’ll need to fight your way through the hordes of enemy soldiers, so be prepared for some resistance. 

One of the enemies will drop a key that you can use to gain entry to the stone cabin next to the giant tree. Walk inside to claim your newfound prize.

Dive of the Valkyries 

When activated, Eivor launches themselves into the air and crashes down onto their enemies with deadly force. 

Head over to the northeastern section of Grantebridgescire and locate the Isle of Ely Monastery. It’s here where the Dive of the Valkyries skill is tucked away. In order to access this deadly dive, you’ll need to make your way over to the stairs icon. 

This will lead you to a cave entrance that you can enter. Follow the path and destroy the two wooden doors to reveal the Book of Knowledge. 

Incendiary Powder Trap

This deadly ranged skill enables you to attach an ignitable pouch to your arrow. Whenever the arrow hits an object, it will instantly empty the pouch’s powder.  Any nearby movement will cause the powder to ignite, engulfing everything that happens to get in the way. 

If you wish to add Incendiary Powder Trap to your ability bar, then you’ll need to head over to Walden – southeast section of Grantebridgescire. Simply kill the soldiers and gain entry to the nearby church to find the Book of Knowledge. 

Ledecestrescire: Books of Knowledge locations

Ledecestrescire map location

Piercing Shot

Eivor shoots an arrow with enough force that it can pierce through nearly any obstacle. 

Unlike the previous Books of Knowledge found in Ledecestrescire, this skill is incredibly easy to obtain. Simply travel to Templebrough Fort and run over to the central tower. Once inside, jump down into the hallway and locate the book at the back of the room.   

Focus of the Nornir

When activated, Eivor is granted the power of Nornir which enables them to aim and shoot with deadly speed. 

The Focus of the Nornir skill can be found in Offchurch, which is located in the southwest of Ledecestrescire. Head into the church and stop once you get into the room with all the coffins. Look for a cobwebbed crack on the right-hand side of the room. Climb through it to get access to the secret room. 

Raven Distraction

This skill calls your Raven, Synin, to briefly distract your enemies. During the distraction, you can either quietly sneak past your foe or land lethal stealth backstabs.

The Raven Distraction skill can be found in Tonnastadir, a highly defended camp that can be found directly northwest of Ledecestrescire. To unlock this skill you’ll first need to grab the key from the big house. Once you have the key, follow the stair icon on your map. There will be armed guards standing outside the entrance, so quickly dispatch them and use the key to open the locked door.

Slide down the rocky mound and grab all the loot from the first room before slipping between the crack in the wall. The Raven Distraction skill will be in this room. 

Harpoon Impalement

As the name suggests, Harpoon Impalement sees Eivor launch a series of deadly harpoons towards their enemy. Anyone hit by the harpoon will take serious amounts of damage, making it a great skill for any build. 

To find this skill, head over to Ledecestrescire and begin traveling west of Venonis. You will eventually come across a ladder that leads to an underground labyrinth. Slide down the ladder and follow the path, then break the wooden barricade to unveil a hidden room. 

Jump into the shallow water below and begin swimming to the other side of the room. In order to get out, simply head over to the wall with the arch and begin climbing up. Once you’ve hauled yourself out of the water, place one of the nearby flasks next to the wall and blow it up with a well-placed arrow. In this room, you will find the Book of Knowledge.

Cent: Books of Knowledge locations

Cent map location

Thorn of Slumber 

Located east of the Dover Fortress. Climb the tallest tower and grab the key on the third floor. Head back down and open the house directly below. 

Dive of the Valkyries 

Travel southwest from Old Greysham Bridge until you find the enemy camp. There are some particularly tough foes inside, so you can either sneak past them or fight your way through. 

Climb into the main hall from the open window and jump between the wooden platforms that are dotted about the room. If you happen to fall off, then you’ll need to ready your weapons and take out the guards below. The Book of Knowledge is found on the raised wooden platform at the back of the room. 

East Anglia: Books of Knowledge locations

East Anglia map location

Rush & Bash 

The next Rush & Bash Book of Knowledge can be found in a fortified castle on a small island just southeast of East Anglia. Once you have defeated all the enemy soldiers, climb up the ladder and run to the room with the metal cages. 

Use your Odin Sight to find the key on the table and then proceed to pick up one of the red explosive pots. Hurl the pot at the crumbling floor in the center of the room to create an opening. 

This will reveal a small entrance that you can clamber down. Once you’ve safely navigated your way to the bottom, move the wooden crate that is blocking the wall and open the locked door with the key. 

Blinding Rush

Blinding Rush uses stamina to move about undetected, allowing you to effortlessly sneak past non-friendly troops. The skill depletes once you come into contact with an enemy.

Blinding Rush can be found in the Ruined Tower in the northeastern section of East Anglia. Defeat the hammer user and then break the wooden barrier by throwing the explosive pot at it. This will enable you to drop down into the depths below. Once you’re at the bottom of the cellar, hurl another explosive pot at the breakable wall to gain entry to the hidden room. 

Axe Blizzard

Axe Blizzard can be found in the dilapidated church just East of East Anglia. This deadly skill sees Eivor aim and throw a devastating barrage of axes at their opponent. It’s a great offensive skill for those that wish to chunk through a particularly tough foe. 

Enter the church ruins and climb to the room above. Simply interact with the book that has been placed upon the stone coffin to add this skill to your collection.

Essexe: Books of Knowledge locations

Essesxe map location

Harpoon Impalement 

The last Harpoon Impalement skill is located to the north of Essexe in Sancta Helena’s Church. Run over to the left side of the church and move the crate to unveil a hidden room. Walk inside and grab the key that has been placed on the chair opposite the coffin. 

Head over to the right side of the church and jump through the window with the missing glass. Once inside, use the key to open the locked door. You’ll need to shoot the ladder above you to release it and then move the wooden crate in a way that you can access the first ladder. 

Once you’ve done this, jump onto the next ladder from the wooden platform and climb to the top to claim your prize.

Raven Distraction 

To claim the Raven Distraction upgrade, you’ll need to travel to the bandit camp in the southwest section of Essexe. Once there, head over to the back of the church building where the graves are located. 

Break the wooden barricade and then shoot the lock that is securing the door with your bow. Head back round to the front of the ruined church and open the door to get the Book of Knowledge. 

Snotinghamscire: Books of Knowledge locations

Snotinghamscire map location

Poisonous Powder Trap 

Head directly west of the Odin Mine Hideout climb into the cavern with the waterfall. Follow the cave’s natural path until you reach the moveable crate. Move the crate to the side and pick up one of the explosive pots. Leap across the various ledges and use the pot to blow up the breakable wall. 

Jump between the two wooden planks and smash the ice wall with your weapon to uncover the Book of Knowledge.

Kick of Tyre 

Found inside Ulkerthorpe  Fort just southwest of Sherwood Forest. Climb up the Fort’s scaffolding and shoot the door’s lock through the open window. Climb up to the next level and head down the stairs to open the previously locked door. 

Oxenefordscire: Books of Knowledge locations

Oxenefordscire map location

Feign Death 

As the name suggests, Feign death sees Eivor feign their own demise. This ability is great for fooling your enemies into letting their guard down.

The Feign Death skill can be found by traveling to the Leah Villa Garrison – an area directly northeast of Oxeneforda. Sneak or fight your way through the big building with the mosaic tiles and grab the door key. Fortunately, the key is located on a table with a big map, so it’s very easy to see. 

Once you have obtained the door key, use your Odin Sight and run over to the building that has the golden streaks of light emanating from it. Open the door to grab the Book of Knowledge. 

Vengeance of Thor

A move that concentrates all of your strength into an unstoppable attack. The longer you charge, the harder the hit. 

Vengeance of Thor can be found directly west of Oxenfordscire and is next to the Great Ouse River. Climb up onto the building with the tightrope and make your way to the church. Smash the window and move the crate blocking that’s blocking you from entering the room below. 

Pick up the key that has been placed on the table with the scrolls, then head back out the way you came in. Follow the tightrope back over the first house and use the key to open the locked door. 

Man’s Best Friend 

The first iteration of the skill can be obtained by completing the “A Little Problem” in Raventhorpe. However, to get the final upgrade you’ll need to head directly northwest of Londinium Amphitheatre.

Once you’ve gained entry to Crepelgate Fort, use your Odin Sight to locate the archer tower that has the treasure inside. Head underneath the wooden tower and clamber through the open window. There will be a bundle of rocks that you can move to the side, so grab hold of this and push it out the way.

This will enable you to get access to the room below where the Book of Knowledge is kept. 

Sciropescire: Books of Knowledge locations

Sciropescire map location

Throwing Axe of Fury 

You’ll need to head over to the westernmost point of Sciropescire to claim this skill. The palace you are looking for is northwest of Caustow Castle. Run across the bridge and enter the building with the golden dragon sigil above its door. 

Grab the explosive pot from the room on the right (one with barrels in it), and carry it over to the room across the hallway. Place the pot next to the breakable wall and shoot it with your bow. 

Suthsexe: Books of Knowledge locations

Suthsexe map location

Blinding Rush 

Directly north of Wessex Chertsey Abbey Ruins. It’s in this location where you’ll find the final Blinding Rush skill upgrade. Make your way over to the ruins and locate the stone tower with the graves outside of it. 

Once you’ve located the tower, climb up onto the wooden beam that towers over the bundle of hay. Activate your Odin Sight and use your bow to shoot the red marker. Head inside and climb to the top of the building. There will now be a ladder that you’ll need to shoot in order to release it. Climb the ladder to claim the Book of Knowledge. 

Incendiary Powder Trap 

Incendiary Powder Trap can be found in the northwest of Briggworth – an old ruined settlement that is teeming with enemies. However, if you head over to the tower with the broken walls, you’ll be able to claim the final Incendiary Powder Trap skill. 

To get access to the locked room, simply climb onto the section just above the door and move the crate that is blocking the hidden door. Jump down into the room and interact with the Book of Knowledge.

Wincestre: Books of Knowledge locations

Wincestre map location

Axe Blizzard

Head over to Wincestre Garrison (the southern point of Wincestre) and climb up onto the wall opposite the two wooden watchtowers. There will be a locked door that you can unlock by shooting it from the opposite window. Once you’ve hit the lock, simply run around and climb up to gain entry to the room. 

Eurvicscire: Books of Knowledge locations

Eurvicscire map location

Kick of Tyre

A ferocious kick that sends enemies flying backward. Enemies who strike objects or other enemies will suffer additional damage. 

This Book of Knowledge is located southwest of the Derwent River in an enemy filled camp. As soon as you have finished dispatching your foes, head over to the building with the zip wire. Slide your way onto the archer watchtower and pick up the key.

Now run over to the wooden hut with the wagon outside of it and head down into the cellar. Use the key to open the locked door.  

Poisonous Powder Trap

This deadly ranged skill enables you to attach a poisonous pouch to your arrow. Whenever the arrow hits an object, it will instantly spread the volatile powder everywhere. Any nearby movement will cause the powder to burst, engulfing everything in a poisonous plume of smoke. 

If you wish to add Incendiary Poisonous Powder Trap to your ability bar, then you’ll need to head over to ruin just south of Eurvicscire. Head into the main hallway of the ruins and break the wooden floor on the left of the building. Jump down and slide under the crack in the wall.

Place an explosive pot by the breakable wall and blow it up to gain entry to the hidden room.

Jorvik: Books of Knowledge locations

Jorvik map location

Rage of Helheim 

This Book of Knowledge is incredibly easy to find. Just head over to the Archives (nestled between the Royal Hall and Jorvik Theatre). Climb up the ladder round the back of the archives and shoot the pulley from the window ledge. This will leave the ladder exposed.

Head back into the archives and now shoot the ladder to release it. Simply climb up and interact with the book. 

Glowecestrescire: Books of Knowledge locations

Glowecestrescire map location

Feign Death 

Travel to the bandit camp in Aelfwood (southwest of Glowecestrescire) and run down into the cave network. You should hear the glimmering sound effect get louder as you draw closer. Simply run behind the flag on the wall to obtain the final Feign Death ability. 

Vengeance of Thor 

The Vengeance of Thor skill is located in central Glowecestrescire in a place named Thieves Warren. This treacherous camp is filled with enemies, so you’ll need to take them down before you go hunting for the Book of Knowledge. 

Once you’ve fought your way through the camp, drop down into the moat and climb up into the hut to claim the book.