AC Mirage update 1.0.6 patch notes: New Game+, parkour improvements & more

Brianna Reeves
ac mirage new game+

Ubisoft released patch notes for AC Mirage’s update 1.0.6, which will include the New Game+ mode, parkour improvements, and more.

Unlike the three RPG-centric entries before it, Assassin’s Creed Mirage won’t receive extensive DLC support post-launch. However, that does not mean players will have nothing to do after wrapping up Basim’s adventure.

Developers announced plans to release New Game+ and Permadeath modes several weeks ago, promising both would launch sometime in December.

While New Game+ is on its way in a free content update, the Permadeath feature has been postponed to early 2024.

AC Mirage’s New Game+ arrives alongside patch 1.0.6

Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s 1.0.6 Title Update will go live across all platforms on Tuesday, December 12. Depending on the platform, it’ll weigh somewhere between 2 to 5GB.

Most notably, players can expect the patch to introduce New Game+, a mode where Basim returns to the main campaign with all of his skills and tools carried over from a previous save. The latest patch also adds Bayek’s Medjay attire from AC Origins, changes that improve Basim’s side and back-eject movements, and myriad bug fixes.

It’s worth noting that Bayek’s outfit is a reward for jumping into New Game+. Players can begin the mode in the title screen or pause menu, then skip the prologue.

The full release notes for AC Mirage 1.0.6 read as follows:

New Game Plus

New Game Plus is coming to Assassin’s Creed Mirage!

Upon completing the main story on any difficulty, start a new game while keeping all collected skills and gear/costumes from your first playthrough.

Additional details:

  • You can start a New Game Plus playthrough from the title screen or pause menu.
  • You can skip the prologue and start directly in Baghdad

New Game Plus:

Start a New Game Plus run and unlock Bayek’s Medjay outfit from Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The outfit comes with three unique dyes that will be unlocked throughout your new run, allowing you to revisit this iconic costume with unique styles!

Parkour Improvements to Side and Back-Ejects:

The range of back and side ejects during parkour has been increased, allowing Basim to reach heights faster and cross bigger distances.

Bug Fixing


  • Fixed issues when pickpocket loot could not be retrieved properly after eliminating a target.
  • Improvements made to Chain Assassination.
  • Basim’s last known location will now display correctly after changing the enemy proximity option’s value.
  • Fixed several situations where level design was blocking parkour movement
  • Fixed issue where player could fall whilst performing a pole vault.
  • Fixed Follow Road to Quest Objective feature which was not working on World Contracts.

Graphics, UI, and Animations:

  • Numerous graphics, environment or VFX improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where musicians were playing continuously after being paid with a faction favor.
  • Fixed the “Poster Boy” achievement.
  • Fixed the volumetric fog flickering during the loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue where mercenaries would leave their position to follow a guard to investigate a body nearby.
  • Fixed collision issues.
  • Fixed NPC navigation and interaction issues.
  • Fixed clothes corruption on NPCs.
  • Improvements were made to the contract card UI after the player modified the Hold Alternative setting.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to character animations.
  • Codex orbs will now stay visible after being collected.
  • Territory discovery pop up now appears with no delay.
  • Fixed a black screen issue after skipping the game credits.
  • Improvements made to the Investigation board. Icon now fits the description whilst using colorblind mode.
  • Benches that are not usable will no longer be highlighted.
  • Fixed undesired swimming animation when colliding with walls.
  • Fixed an issue with Window Mode when clicking on the frame’s top bar caused the game window to be misplaced.


  • Music now continues playing whilst reading the codex details.
  • Various audio fixes and improvements.
  • “A New Beginning”: Fixed the volume of a Novice’s voice.


  • Improved OWO Haptic Suit support.



  • Multiple stability improvements.
  • Multiple camera fixes.


  • Guards will now react when seeing Basim ripping the wanted posters.
  • Narrative consistency improvements between Fuladh’s speech and Rebekah’s letter.
  • Enemies will no longer investigate burning bodies that are affected by the Fire Demon outfit perk.
  • Update to game credits.
  • Updated the tool upgrade screenshot in the Codex.
  • Hide/Show panel functionality now works in all cases.
  • The Samsaama Dagger will now only heal the player every 5 hits with the sword.
  • Guard captain can no longer blow the horn whilst berserked.
  • Guards closer to the alarm will ring the bell first. 
  • “The Marked Coins”: Fixed the merchant outfit.
  • Fixed issues when guards would not move from their position after detecting Basim.
  • Roshan will no longer block the entrance to Assassin Bureaus preventing the player from entering/exiting.
  • All landmine perk effects should now properly apply, no matter the order they are unlocked.
  • Improvement made to the Upper Harbor puzzle.
  • The Zanj Uprising Dagger perk will now correctly refill stamina for successful dodges.
  • Fixed refreshing issues in the store page.
  • Whilst wearing the Fire Demon outfit, players can now complete assassination objectives.

Addressed (the following includes story-related spoilers):

  • Prologue: Nehal will now appear in the cinematic the day after the Winter Palace event.
  • “The Master Thief of Anbar”: Fixed the transition between gameplay and time passing (day to night) cinematic.
  • “The Master Thief of Anbar”: Players can now interact with the coin pouch on the merchant table.
  • “The Master Thief of Anbar”: Guards no longer ignore Basim while he is escaping the Winter Palace.
  • Tha’abeen (elite Order members) tag and health bar are now properly displayed.
  • A Dance with Thieves”: Merchant in the background will stay visible during the cinematic dialogue with Murjana.
  • “A Dance with Thieves”: Murjana is no longer stuck after killing the Thieves.
  • “A New Beginning”: As Basim is joining the training ground, Roshan and her apprentice are now invincible whilst training together.
  • “A New Beginning”: Fixed an issue where a chest would randomly spawn after the cinematic with Rebekah.
  • “A New Beginning”: Fixed Nur’s behavior after Basim kills an enemy.
  • “A New Beginning”: Nur now correctly assassinates his first target no matter how the player assassinates their own first target.
  • “Al-Jahiz’s Lost Books”: Added a clue that informs the player to collect a final book after bringing the 6 Lost Books to Al-Jahiz. The clue is not shown if the book has already been given to him.
  • “Baghdad Bound”: Fixed the transition between cinematic and gameplay.
  • “Baghdad Bound”: Purchased content now appears in the inventory after completing the cinematic to avoid the pop-up being hidden by the cinematic.
  • “Bird Trap”: Player can now confirm the kill of General Jasoor.
  • “Blade in the Crowd, Tool in the Shed”: Guards now spawn correctly.
  • “Den of the Beast”: Player can now properly loot key from Warden’s body if they kill him.
  • “First Order”: Added an icon over Al-Ghul’s head when the player kills him from afar and leaves.
  • “First Order”: Al Ghul’s office door will now unlock properly.
  • “First Order”: Fixed an issue where a civilian would appear next to Roshan after loading a save.
  • “First Order”: Fixed an issue where Ali triggers the fight state (yellow icon) for him and the player after seeing a dead body on the ground.
  • “First Order”: Fixed the assassination prompt on Al-Ghul.
  • “First Order”: The Caravan leader now moves correctly.
  • “Follow the Fiery Trail”: The guard holding the key that opens the Scriptorium door now appears correctly.
  • “Gilded Butterflies”: Guards in front of Ning’s chamber will de-spawn after completing the quest.
  • “Gilded Butterflies”: NPCs now stay spawned if the player skips the auction cinematic.
  • “Gilded Butterfly”: Once pushed out of the doorway, the shelf can be pushed back to its original position.
  • “In Pursuit of Truth”: Lighting issues fixed when using Enkidu towards Alamut Lake.
  • “Jailbreak”: Ali now follows Basim correctly to the guard’s quarters.
  • “The Head of the Snake”: Quest will now unlock properly for players.
  • “The Hunter”: NPC can no longer drown around the Teahouse.
  • “The Marked Coins”: Fixed the “The Hidden One” NPC who was sliding towards the last building at the end of the race.
  • “The Serpent’s Nest”: Fixed an issue where the prompt asking the player to call Enkidu to locate quest objectives would appear while being indoors.
  • “The Servant and the Imposter”: Basim no longer repeats a sentence about the magic potion before and after delivering it to Makira.
  • “The Slave Merchant”: Guards cannot see Basim assassinating targets through the curtains.
  • “The Trade Delegate”: The guard carrying the key will now be visible.