Wraith has become the most popular character in Apex Legends again

Wraith from Apex Legends in tunnel.Respawn Entertainment

Wraith has regained her place atop the Apex Legends meta in Season 11, leapfrogging Octane and Pathfinder to take the throne as new release Ash plummets out of the top five amid the ongoing Storm Point reshuffle.

All hail the Apex Legends queen ⁠— after two seasons away from her throne, Wraith has regained her status as the most-picked legend in Respawn’s battle royale.

The Interdimensional Skirmisher was one of eight characters included in the Apex Legends roster at launch, and immediately captured the hearts of thousands. Since 2019, aside from a few small blips, Renee Blasey ⁠— aka Wraith ⁠— has reigned supreme in pick rates.

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In Season 9, however, her place atop the totem pole was shaken. Octane roared into the top spot as Apex Legends pro players figured out game-breaking combos with the speedster, including the infamous “Revtane” comp.

The status quo has been restored though, with ApexStatus revealing Wraith has regained her throne with an 11.7% pick rate following the Escape update.

Apex Legends WraithRespawn Entertainment
Wraith has reclaimed her Apex Legends throne.

Ash continues her Apex Legends slide

Wraith’s return to the top comes after a 7.94% dip for Octane, but the High-Speed Daredevil isn’t actually the biggest mover and shaker of the meta in recent weeks.

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Instead, this season’s Legend has seen the biggest dip.

Ash, an iconic villain from Respawn’s original Titanfall franchise, stormed into the Apex Legends meta on November 2. The simulacrum’s Phase Breach ultimate seemed like a quick replacement for Wraith’s Dimensional Rift. A host of ranked players and ALGS pros scooped up the game’s new toy.

In more recent weeks, however, Ash has struggled to live up to expectations. She slides down to a 7.4% pick rate, just 0.2% above Valkyrie. She now sits behind Pathfinder (at 8.9%) and Bloodhound (8.4%), who round out the top four.

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The biggest risers recently have been Caustic. He recently scored a 46.58% lift, to 4.4%, while Wattson’s Escape buffs have launched her to a 3.9% play rate.

An image of Ash from Apex Legends Season 11Respawn Entertainment
Season 11’s new Legend has struggled to find her place as the update rolls on.

What makes Wraith a great pick?

The Interdimensional Skirmisher’s rise in the ranks isn’t actually off the back of any buffs or changes for the popular Apex Legends character in the Escape update.

Instead, it comes down to just that ⁠— popularity. Wraith has stood out as a famous solo queue pick since early 2019, particularly due to mobility. Thanks to her Into The Void tactical and Dimensional Rift ultimate, Wraith doesn’t have to rely on teammates to make quick rotations or speedy getaways.

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Considering Apex Legends as a game is so reliant on fast-paced movement, and every players’ ability to traverse the battlefield as quickly as possible to find enemies and better positions, Wraith is almost a must-pick character.

On top of all that, Wraith as a Legend is also just very cool. She’s a mysterious badass former warrior powered by the Void. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that.

More than a quarter of all Apex Legends fans play Wraith, meaning her rare Voidwalker skin is super-popular.Respawn Entertainment
At one stage in Apex Legends history more than a quarter of all fans played Wraith.

Wraith may have retaken her Apex Legends throne, but there’s every chance the popular pick slips back behind Octane again if new combos emerge. The player base might even simply lean another way again. Keep an eye on our Pick Rates tracker to see which way the meta is trending in any given week.

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