Wraith is quickly becoming most popular Apex Legends pick again thanks to Ash

Andrew Amos
Wraith looking at Ash in Apex Legends

Wraith is becoming the most popular Apex Legends pick again after seasons of Octane dominance at the top of the meta, all thanks to Season 11 release Ash. As players start to get the hang of the new Legend, Wraith’s play rate is rebounding much quicker than the speedster’s.

Apex Legends players are finally settling in with the Season 11 changes, with the meta sorting itself out a bit. However, change is in the air when it comes to the game’s best picks.

Octane has been Apex Legends’ most popular pick for some time. While he’s been kicked off the throne every time a new Legend releases, Octane has sat around 15% play rate consistently, with the next best legends hovering around 10%.

Ash’s release has thrown a spanner in the works though.

The Titanfall antagonist is not only a fan-favorite to play for lore reasons, she occupies a similar role to Octane in the meta. Her portal is just a better version of Octane’s jump pad, for example.

Octane Apex Legends
Octane could be left in the dust after Wraith’s play rate continues to climb in Apex Legends Season 11.

On top of recent nerfs, that’s seen pro players drop the speedster in droves. Cloud9 pro Zach ‘ZachMazer’ Mazer said on Ash’s release: “The good thing about pad was that you could pad on people with no audio,”

“If I don’t have red armor, if I pop stim I’m 180 [HP],” NRG’s Aidan ‘rocker’ Grodin added. “I’m getting two-shotted by every [Peacekeeper] in the book if I get hit at all.”

It’s not Ash that’s going to settle on top of the Apex Legends play rate leaderboard though: it’s Wraith.

Apex Legends play rates as of November 20 2021
Wraith is rebounding faster than Octane after Ash’s release, and she could ultimately take his throne as Apex’s most popular Legend.

Wraith’s rebound up the popularity charts is outpacing Octane by a decent margin. Wraith currently sits at 10.78% play rate, up from 9.15% at Ash’s peak following her release according to ApexLegendsStatus.

Octane, however, has only rebounded to 11.39% from 10.85% (0.54% climb compared to 1.63%).

Although the Titanfall antagonist will likely settle among the game’s most picked Legends ⁠— Ash is certainly high up on the tier list ⁠— Wraith is in with a chance to reclaim her crown as the Queen of Apex Legends in Season 11 from Octane.

While she still trails Octane, by the time Season 12 rolls around, it’s likely Octane will once again reside as Apex Legends’ bridesmaid behind the game’s most popular character since release.

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