Apex Legends players really want Respawn to bring back one random World’s Edge rock

Mirage on Worlds Edge in Apex Legends.Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are up in arms after Respawn finally removed a random glitched rock that has been floating on World’s Edge since the map’s last big update, with some now begging the devs to bring it back next patch.

In Season 11’s update, the Apex Legends devs made what seemed a relatively harmless change to one of their battle royale maps: they “removed the random rock floating in midair in World’s Edge.”

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The change, buried among the patch’s numerous bug and glitch fixes, has gone down like a lead balloon. One disappointed player, Swogglenoz, even made a hilarious memorial video for the floating World’s Edge debris to the tune of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

“Rip the random rock floating in World’s Edge,” they said.

Players, mainly Pathfinder mains, have called for Respawn to re-add the infamous rock, jokingly calling the season “unplayable” unless it’s returned soon.

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Tongue-in-cheek response or not, however, Apex Legends players have made it clear that they want Respawn to add the floating rock back in the next update.

The rock itself was located at Fragment West, just outside the ruined Capitol City, and let crafty Pathfinder mains ⁠grapple onto the rock, connect their Zipline to the small debris piece, and use it in the heat of battle to reposition. Valkyrie mains could also land on the rock with her jetpack abilities.

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“I haven’t been this sad since they removed Nessie hats,” one Apex player joked after discovering the rock removal. Another chimed in: “I am now sad over a floating rock that I never knew existed, and my day is now ruined.”

There’s hope the popular rock will be addressed in the next update. One hopeful fan wrote, “Season 12 patch notes: For f**ks sake, we put your floating rock back.”

Lava Siphon ApexRespawn Entertainment
The random World’s Edge rock last seasons before its shock removal.

Funnily enough, there are even some reports that the infamous World’s Edge rock is actually still floating there, and that Respawn only made it invisible.

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Dexerto loaded into a lobby, headed out to Fragment, and tested it out, but either our Pathfinder skills are lacking ⁠— a real possibility ⁠— or the invisible rock is no longer accessible despite still blocking projectiles and bullets. Despite that, some players claim “there’s still something there.”

Respawn has yet to comment on the rock’s removal outside the Escape patch notes, and likely won’t return the funny little Apex Legends rock in future updates.

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