Apex Legends adds new healing animations sparking theory about new items

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Apex Legends has added new healing animations in the Beast of Prey Collection Event and although they’re smoother, players are convinced it has a deeper meaning.

Apex Legends’ Beast of Prey Collection Event kicked off on September 20, introducing Loba’s new Heirloom, the Gun Run LTM, and of course, a variety of incredible cosmetics.

Despite all of these huge additions, it’s often the small changes that receive the most attention, especially when they’re related to animations.

Well, in the recent update, Respawn decided to change all of the in-game healing animations, making them smoother and more satisfying to watch.

Although the community is pleased with the new animations, some players are convinced they’ve only been updated so a new type of cosmetic can be added to heals and shields.

Health animations Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Beast of Prey Collection event added new healing animations.

Apex Legends players suspicious of new healing animations

As showcased by @alphaINTEL, user prednoxx has demonstrated all of the new healing animations that arrived in the Collection Event.

Overall, the animations are significantly smoother and a lot more satisfying to watch. Not only that, more of the actual item is shown on the screen and while this is certainly better to look at, this has raised some suspicions.

As all of the animations now show more of the consumables on screen, some players are convinced Respawn has only made the change so they can fit the unreleased sticker cosmetics on the items that have been leaked in the past.

“It’s just to show off stickers when they release them, so it’s purely a money move,” wrote one user, with another sarcastically celebrating that they “can’t wait to show off my legendary stickers on heals soon”.

While Respawn has not officially announced when stickers will be available, a lot of players are taking this as a sign that it will be in the near future.

The biggest problem fans have with the unreleased cosmetic type is that it will dilute the loot pool, making it harder to acquire skins.

However, at the time of writing this is all strictly speculation, but it’s safe to say the praise for the new animations has been clouded by suspicious players who believe the update has a deeper meaning.