Apex Legends make big pledge to fix server issues for Season 11

Ash in Apex Legends with the Logo beside herRespawn Entertainment

Respawn issued a statement addressing the game’s longstanding server issues during our hands-on preview of Season 11. 

Apex Legends suffered from a number of high-profile server issues throughout Season 10, but the game’s developers have set their eyes towards fixing those problems once and for all.

During a round of early testing in Season 11, Respawn was upfront about these problems and their intent to fix them, promising to keep working away until they’re gone: “We hear you, and the community, and we’re working tirelessly to resolve these issues.”

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Check out the rest of their statement and how they’re specifically addressing these problems ahead of Escape.

Respawn Entertainment promises to fix server problems in Apex Legends

Ash in Apex Legends Season 11 EscapeRespawn Entertainment
Ash is the new legend arriving in Season 11 of Apex Legends

“We’ve been doubling down on our efforts to resolve the connections issues and intermittent lag that some players may experience at different times and regions around the world,” Respawn said.

“We’ve been expanding our dedicated server teams at Respawn, creating new ways for us to see, predict, and respond to potential bandwidth issues, and implementing new ways that we can make the back end of a technically massive game like Apex require less bandwidth.”

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This commitment to internal health is a big step forward for Apex Legends. While the game has been receiving constant updates, including Patch 1.82 which began the path to fixing these server issues, these steps haven’t been enough for many players.

Revenant holding the C.A.R SMG from Titanfall that is arriving in Apex in Season 11Respawn Entertainment
There are lots of changes arriving with Season 11 and they’re all painting a clear picture for the game’s future.

From fans constantly lambasting of the soon-to-be-improved Arenas mode to threats of boycotting the game entirely, it’s clear that tensions in the Apex community have reached an all-time high.

While these improvements look like the start of a good thing, much of the fan perception will undoubtedly hinge on the success of release day for Season 11.

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Apex suffered its longest server issues ever throughout the launch week of Emergence, and fans are still wary of that happening again. One Twitter user summed the situation up nicely when addressing the prospects of another troubled launch: “Ugh this is my biggest fear! I really want to play this on release!”

Whether or not these fixes are enough to see a smooth rollout remains to be seen, but we’ll find out for sure when Season 11 debuts on November 2.

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