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Apex Legends pros call for big nerf to Gibraltar’s dome shield

Published: 27/Dec/2021 14:12

by Shay Robson


Some Apex Legends pros and competitive players have called for a major nerf to Gibraltar’s dome shield ability, arguing that it needs to given a set amount of health, so that it can be destroyed.

Gibraltar started off life in Apex Legends as an under-used character, but has since become a meta pick in high-level play, and especially at the pro level, thanks to buffs over the years.

From tweaks to his “broken” gun shield to suspicious unannounced dome shield buffs, it’s fair to say Gibraltar has gone under a fair few changes.

However, some Apex Legends pros are now asking for nerfs to Gibraltar, specifically to his dome shield.


Respawn want Gibraltar to become "sexier pick" through Apex Legends bubble changes

Currently, Gibraltar’s dome shield lasts 12-seconds and blocks all incoming and outgoing bullets. On December 26, Apex Legends pro John ‘Hakis’ Håkansson put forward an old idea of making Gibby’s shield dome withstand 2000 damage before breaking.

A concept video was created by modder Archtux, which Hakis shared to get people on board with the idea. “This but more like 2000 HP on the shield would be cool,” suggested Håkansson.

Hakis continued the thread assuring the casual Apex players that the change wouldn’t affect them so much, where Gibby is still a fairly low pick: “This change would not affect casual players, it would only affect the game at the highest level.”


Obey player decypher agreed, also suggesting there should be more health on the dome.

The series of tweets sparked up a community discussion on Gibraltar’s state in the game.

“For once, the pros are actually right,” one player responded.

But, some players were not happy with the proposed changes at all. “Let’s make Gibby even worse in pubs, it’s not like everything in his kit hasn’t been nerfed already,” said one player.

Thank god the devs don’t listen to the players, this is just an awful idea… absolutely terrible,” said another.

Respawn devs are constantly listening to player feedback. However, they’ll want to take a deep dive and look at their own data before they make any changes.