Unusual Apex Legends trick lets you test locked characters in Firing Range

Connor Bennett
Wraith in Apex Legends training mode firing range

If you’ve got some locked characters in Apex Legends and want to test them out in the Firing Range, well, you finally can thanks to a pretty random trick. 

While it might not have all the features that some players want, Apex Legends’ Firing Range is certainly a fine way for players to get warmed up before jumping into the battle royale.

The practice mode lets you get to grips with every weapon and item that you may come across in-game, so you can figure out what you’re most comfortable with. You can also use the different legends and their abilities as well.

For the longest time, players have asked Respawn to let them test out the legends that they haven’t unlocked in Firing Range, just to see if they mesh well with them before purchasing. Even though that hasn’t happened yet, there is somewhat of a workaround.

The features of Apex Legends’ Firing Range have improved and been experimented with, but there is still room for improvement.

The unusual trick was pointed out by Redditor Dark_Infernox, who noted that you’ll need to have Rampart unlocked for it to work. If you don’t, you’ll be out of luck.

If you do have Rampart unlocked though, you simply select the crafty legend in the main menu before trying to load into Firing Range. Once you’ve loaded in, you’re likely to have some different abilities. As shown in their video, the Redditor was able to get Revenant’s abilities despite not having the Synthetic Nightmare unlocked.

The Redditor noted that is complete luck of the draw as to whose abilities you’ll be given, but they added that they’ve gotten Revenant and Mad Maggie more than anyone else. Though, they’ve had problems getting original legends like Bloodhound.

Of course, the weird workaround has only prompted players to, again, call for Respawn to give them the option to test legends they don’t have.

With improvements coming to Firing Range before long, it remains to be seen if they’ll allow players to do so, or if things will remain as they are now.

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