Apex Legends leak reveals big Firing Range changes in the works

. 4 months ago
Firing Range dummy in Apex Legends holding gun

A fresh Apex Legends leak has given us some insight into how the Firing Range training mode could be set to change, and it looks pretty interesting. 

As Apex Legends has progressed through the different seasons, Respawn Entertainment have had to keep adding fresh content to the mix to keep things interesting.

The battle royale mode has undergone a fair few changes over time with new maps and features, as well as new modes like Winter Express, Arenas, and Control also being added to the mix.

One mode that has gone fairly untouched, despite plenty of calls from players to switch things up, is the Firing Range training mode. The practice facility is pretty simple currently, as you can test all the game’s weapons and legends out, as well as get warmed up. Though, things could be set to change.

firing range in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Firing Range is in need of some significant updates.

On February 23, Redditor Pretty_Chard5030 managed to showcase a video from gameplay testing of the apparent ‘Fanatic’ energy pistol that could be coming at some point down the line.

While some players got pretty excited about what they’d seen from the weapon’s damage stats, more eagle-eyed fans noted that the Firing Range that was being used in the video was slightly different from what everyone has currently.

The training mode dummies were still in full effect, but towards the end of the video, players caught a glimpse of a terminal that will, at some point, allow them to control where the dummies are set up around Firing Range. Some noted that they may even be able to have them as moving targets, rather than static.

Anyone who has played, or seen footage from Apex Legends mobile will know that it has an improved firing range that Respawn could very well bring over.

The mobile game allows players to take on mini-games – which have different difficulty settings – before they hop into normal matches. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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