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How to get infinite ammo in Apex Legends firing range with any gun

Published: 4/Apr/2022 12:28

by Connor Bennett


Want to be able to perfectly master a weapon’s recoil but not have to worry about collecting enough ammo? Well, there’s a neat trick for Apex Legends’ Firing Range mode that lets you do so. 

While many players might just want to dive right into a match and use hot drops to get warmed up, there are plenty of others who opt to kick things off in the Firing Range.

Apex Legends’ practice mode is a pretty solid way to get ready for the games ahead, given you can use any weapon and legend with just a few clicks. Though if you’re testing weapons, you do have to manually pick up all the attachments as well as the ammo that you’re going to shoot off.


Players have regularly called for change, imploring Respawn to bring infinite ammo to the Firing Range. They sort of have thanks to the new Scout of Action challenges, but there’s also a neat trick to make it happen with any weapon, not just the G7.

Respawn Entertainment
The features of Apex Legends’ Firing Range have improved and been experimented with, but there is still room for improvement.

That’s right, finally in a roundabout way, you can use any weapon with infinite ammo inside the Firing Range and not have to worry about picking it up.

The trick comes courtesy of Redditor Fiercefox2000 who notes that you do have to be playing as Loba to make things work – as well as needing to get a bit of luck when it comes to the timing of everything.


With Loba as your legend, you activate her Ultimate near the Scout of Action station, choose the weapon you want to use, and then start the challenge. If you timed it correctly, the weapon you’ll want will be floating in mid-air and you’ll have unlimited ammo. Though, don’t expect it to count towards the challenges.

How to get unlimited ammo in Apex Legends Firing Range

  1. Select Loba and charge up her Ultimate
  2. Toss the Black Market Boutique Ultimate next to the Scouts of Action challenge
  3. Pick up the weapon you want through the Ultimate
  4. Start the challenge quickly

Infinite ammo on ANY gun in firing range (more info in description) from apexlegends

Given that this is only a workaround to a problem and not a permanent solution, it could be the case that Respawn patches it before long.

However, recent leaks have suggested that the Firing Range is in for a major overhaul before long, so maybe infinite ammo will finally be a permanent thing then.