Apex Legends leaks reveal two powerful new weapons

Albert Petrosyan

Data miners for Apex Legends have discovered and leaked the names, damage stats, and attachments for two brand new weapons that are apparently coming soon to the game.

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According to the leaks, which come courtesy of a website called Rez, the two new weapons will be an energy rifle called HAVOC and a light machine gun called L-STAR EMG. 

The HAVOC rifle will inflict 18 points of damage to the body and 36 points to the head, while maintaining a pretty balanced profile in terms of damage, rate of fire, range, and accuracy.

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The HAVOC will also sport two firing modes – an automatic mode at 672 rounds per minute and a single shot mode at 102 RPM.

Predictably, the L-STAR EMG will pack a bigger punch than the HAVOC, doing 21 damage to the body and 42 points to the head. It will sport a relatively low rate of fire and accuracy but will maintain good accuracy at long range.

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Here are some of the noteworthy leaked details about both of the new weapons, such as the ammo clip size, reload time, fire rate, headshot distance, and more.

For the more minute and specific details about these weapons and how they work, you can check out the dedicated pages for the Havoc and L-STAR EMG on the Rez website.

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The data miners were also able to find information about the attachments that will be compatible with the HAVOC rifle. According to the leaked data, the new rifle will be compatible with the Selectfire Receiver and Turbocharger Hop-Ups.

Selectfire Receivers enable a fire select option that allows players to choose what kind of fire mode they want on their weapon. The Turbocharger reduces the autofire spin-up time for weapons its attached too.

The HAVOC will also be compatible with six different optical sights and three different stocks. Unfortunately, the attachment capabilities for the L-STAR EMG have not yet been leaked. 

Your choice of weapon can be the difference between winning and losing in Apex Legends.

While these stats look impressive, players will not really know how dangerous they really are until they are actually added in game.

Making sure you have the right gear when heading into battle on Apex Legends is a crucial key for players who are hoping to pick up a win, which means making some tough choices when picking up weapons you find scattered across King’s Canyon.

If you’re having a tough time figuring out what weapons you need to be running while hunting for victories, check out our handy Apex Legends weapons guide, which breaks down everything from attachments to each gun’s individual damage statistics!

There are a lot of weapons already in Apex Legends, but are there about to be two more?
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Of course, it’s important to view all of this information as pure speculation until the new weapons are officially confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

If they are indeed to be added to the game, it would be interesting to see how players will be able to unlock and/or obtain them in-game.

While no release date for these weapons has been leaked, it would seem likely that they would be added along with the Season 1 Battle Pass that is coming in March. 

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