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TimTheTatman takes over Cloakzy’s Apex Legends stream & instantly makes rookie mistake

Published: 3/Apr/2022 19:12

by André González Rodríguez


After taking over Twitch streamer Cloakzy’s setup, TimTheTatman made one of the most rookie mistakes you could ever make in Apex Legends.

Known to be a battle royale enthusiast himself with his Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay, YouTube streamer TimTheTatman doesn’t shy away from playing other similar games.

However, in this instance, that experience in the genre didn’t quite help him as although Apex Legends still falls well into the battle royale space, the content creator made a rookie mistake, leading to an entertaining moment.

YouTube: TimTheTatman
TimTheTatman is known for his Warzone streams.

TimTheTatman makes a rookie mistake in Apex Legends

During his stream on April 2, Cloakzy was playing Apex Legends when he got a friendly house visit from TimTheTatman. Cloakzy asked him if he wanted to say hi to one of his teammates in-game, NiceWigg.


This prompted a small conversation in which NiceWigg told him to take over Cloakzy’s setup and play a round of Apex with him. Being the ever so entertaining content creator, he gladly took up that offer.

The match started off well: TimTheTatman and the rest of his squad were slowly making it through the match until the streamer decided to fiddle with the Legend he was playing, Ash. He figured out that her portal ultimate can be used multiple times in a short window stating, “Oh dude, I can keep going in it. That’s cool.”

That would be his famous last words as not knowing the map and fidgeting too much with the ultimate, the YouTube star ended up falling off the map, sending the streamers into fits of laughter.


This goes to show you that even a streamer like TimTheTatman who is well-seasoned in battle royales can still fall victim to rookie mistakes like these.