Apex Legends is giving every player free Apex Packs: How to claim them

Declan Mclaughlin
Ash Apex Legends

Respawn is giving out free Apex Packs to Apex Legends players following a massive data outage and recovery process that saw many players lose their progression and cosmetics.

Respawn announced on April 10 that it will be giving away free Apex Packs to all Apex Legends players as a thank-you for their “patience as we work through the data outage and the data recovery process.”

The data outage was the result of a presumed bugged update for the launch of the new split that caused many Apex players to lose progression in the battle pass, challenges, ranked gains, and even account level.

The developer has since been communicative to the player base about how it is fixing the issue and returning players’ accounts to where they were before the update.

How to claim free Apex Packs

All players need to do to claim the free Apex Packs from Respawn is to log in to their Apex Legends accounts before April 24 at 10 AM PT.

Players do not need to do anything else in the client, and they will receive eight Apex Packs to open at their discretion.

Respawn hopes to continue earning more goodwill from its player base following a rough few weeks of layoffs, a high-profile hacking incident, and a massive data outage and recovery process.

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