Strange Apex Legends exploit removes Loba’s teleport cooldown in Arenas

Loba tactical reset ArenasRespawn Entertainment

An exploit on the Arenas map Phase Runner allows Loba to reset the cooldown of her tactical and guarantee herself priority over the supply bins every single round.

Small margins are often the deciding factor when it comes to the 3v3 chaos of Arenas. With limited abilities, throwables, and meds, every gunfight a squad takes could be the difference-maker between winning and losing a round.

Of course, that makes the supply bins scattered across each of the maps all the more important to players, as a spare Shield Battery or Phoenix Kit gives a squad a huge advantage over their opponents.

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Well, an exploit discovered by a player on the Arenas Phase Runner map allows Loba to reach a set of supplies before any other Legend, no matter what. The trick is incredibly easy to perform and may even push Loba up the tier list for Arenas.

Loba Apex Legends tacticalRespawn Entertainment
The exploit involves using the teleporters on Phase Runner.

Arenas exploit resets the cooldown of Loba’s tactical

There’s no denying that Loba’s tactical is an incredibly powerful ability, especially after the fixes implemented by the devs in a recent patch.

However, an Apex Legends player has discovered how to take Loba’s bracelet to the next level on Phase Runner, and completely reset the cooldown.

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While playing Arenas, DetoxReeboks realized that if you throw Loba’s tactical through the teleporter on Phase Runner, it resets the cooldown completely after you’ve passed through.

This meant that at the beginning of a round, they began using the reset to their advantage and securing the supply bin in the middle of the map. Of course, this meant that DetoxReeboks had more meds than their enemies every single round.

Interestingly, players have also discovered that Octane’s Stim works in a similar way once he’s passed through the teleporter.

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It’s not known why the abilities seem to be interacting like this on Phase Runner, but it’s likely Respawn will need to step in and implement a fix as soon as possible.

While the exploit isn’t game-breaking, it does guarantee teams with a Loba valuable extra supplies every single round.