Simple trick gives Havoc secret buff in Apex Legends

Andy Williams

Apex Legends’ Havoc is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. Thanks to this secret buff with the Selectfire Receiver, though, we’re sure you’ll love it and will be running rampant around World’s Edge in no time.

Respawn made every effort to diversify weapon customization is Apex Legends. With a plethora of gun attachments and their respective tiers, players have a wide range of choices to enhance their chances in combat. 

Although some weapons are more favored than others, the Havoc is one of those that players are either loyal to or not. Being an energy-based assault rifle, the Havoc usually requires a ‘wind-up’ phase before you can empty the devastating energy magazine into an opponent.

There’s an array of weapon customization options in Apex Legends.

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Up until this point, players have been able to avoid spin-up time in auto mode as long as the Legendary Turbocharger Hop-Up is equipped. Not only is a Turbocharger hard to come by (based on its Legendary status), but equipping the attachment means that players can no longer exploit single-fire mode. 

However, with this handy trick, players can avoid spin-up time entirely for both auto and single-fire modes. Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, Powerate showed how to skip spin-up time by equipping the Selectfire Hop-Up. Which makes your Havoc rifle work akin to a Charge Rifle that is prepared to fire at a moment’s notice.


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Essentially, the player switches between single-fire mode and auto fire-mode while kick-starting the charge process. After switching to auto mode, the Havoc will be left ‘spinning’ and ready to fire, meaning that you can use fire your energy rounds in either single-fire or auto mode, respectively. 

In theory, you’d be able to walk around with the Havoc permanently charged and ready to fire, as long as you don’t switch weapon/reload  – basically use an action that changes the on-screen animation of the rifle being charged.

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This exploit is especially helpful in single-fire mode, considering that the Havoc operates through hitscan and has no bullet drop — so the rifle will essentially fire an instant, fully charged laser beam across map. 

Of course, this is a temporary trick that can be used and will likely be patched in the future. Nonetheless, players can utilize the feature and beam opponents from afar in the sniper’s paradise that is World’s Edge.

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