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Apex Legends

Apex Legends player left infuriated with random teammate

Published: 30/Nov/2019 21:47 Updated: 30/Nov/2019 21:48

by Andy Williams


An Apex Legends player was left seething after a random teammate exploited their efforts to open up a loot vault in World’s Edge – and the community felt their pain!

Respawn Entertainment incorporated a host of changes as part of their Season 3 update. Alongside introducing Crypto, they provided fans with an entirely new map in World’s Edge. With its varied climate, the new map provides enough of a challenge in itself. 

Sprinkle in some dynamic map elements with geysers and a freight train, alongside the all new ‘loot vault’ feature, and players have had plenty to acclimate as they adjust to life on Solace. However, it is the latter that appears to be providing one player some trouble.


Respawn Entertainment
World’s Edge boasts a challenging environment for the best of Legends.

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Loot vaults introduced a high-risk, high-reward element to Apex Legends. Should players be fortunate enough to find a vault key, it is usually the presence of enemy sabotage that is the prevailing nuisance. 

Yet one player appeared to learn that trouble can often rise from the inside, as their teammate exploited their efforts in obtaining a vault key. 

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, the player in question unlocks the vault with the containment ring about to close in. However, after unlocking the vault, their Octane promptly enables their Stim ability to navigate the room in quick time. 


"Why do you hate playing with randoms ?" from apexlegends

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Given the 30% speed boost, the Adrenaline Junkie sprinted ahead and grabbed all of the loot before either Pathfinder or Wraith could get their hands on anything worthwhile. 

After the player came away empty handed, they vented their frustrations and exclaimed: “I go and get a f**king vault key and you literally come here and take every single item!”

Since they were sat on two eliminations, the vault key was likely hard-earned from an encounter earlier in the game.

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The post received almost 18k upvotes within 24 hours — showing that the community clearly empathized with the Pathfinder’s encounter. 


As you’d expect, the player was annoyed that their endeavours weren’t rewarded this time. However, given the wholesome MRVN’s array of cheerful quips, they were likely upbeat and ziplining their way around World’s Edge in no time.