Simple Octane trick in Apex Legends makes sliding even more powerful

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A simple Octane trick in Apex Legends is letting players put the game’s sliding mechanic to use in a whole new way – and it’s making the game’s resident speed-demon a nightmare in one-on-one fights. 

Octane is already the Legend with the single best movement speed potential in the game, but a new trick is setting the bar even higher for the speedster.

This exploit combines the power of Octane’s amped-up quickness with the surprise of an unexpected slide animation to create the perfect way to bamboozle enemies in a close-range fight.

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Apex Legends slide trick is a must-know for aggressive players

Octane Jump Pad UltimateRespawn Entertainment
This trick is best put to use by Octane… but Bloodhound can also take advantage of it, too.

The trick starts with Octane’s Tactical ability Stim, which allows players to exchange a bit of health for a temporary speed boost.

For a brief moment after finishing the injection animation, Octane’s walking speed is buffed enough to initiate a slide without ever having to run.

While this might not be helpful on its own, the boost is strong enough that even aiming down sights doesn’t prevent the slide from being activated.

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After posting this clip, u/vinkker warned that it only works with Pistols and Shotguns, but is incredibly effective in practice: “I checked if it worked on SMG but doesn’t. Extremely good for 1v1s.”

Another user in the thread warned that it’s not the easiest mechanic to keep control of if you are not used to sliding and shooting at the same time: “Yes and I hate it, miss all my shots because of it”

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While Octane is the Legend who will get the most effectiveness out of this trick, it’s also possible for Bloodhound during their Beast of the Hunt ultimate, as the two Legends receive a similar boost to their walking speed.

This kind of movement-enhancer could be paired with the recent “punch-sliding” exploit to take Octane’s unmatched slipperiness to a whole new level.

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