Apex Legends mod buffs Crypto’s drone with an autopilot mode

Apex Legends CryptoRespawn Entertainment

In an attempt to make Crypto a stronger pick, an Apex Legends mod has given his drone an autopilot mode that can automatically locate nearby enemies.

Arriving on the roster all the way back in Season 3, Crypto has never been overwhelmingly popular among Apex Legends players and currently has a pick rate of 1.5%.

Despite this, the Surveillance Expert does have a dedicated community of mains who are constantly suggesting ideas to help improve his kit.

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The main issue for Crypto has always been his stationary playstyle, with the drone forcing him to stay in one position and causing him to be late to gunfights.

To solve this, a modder has created and showcased a potential solution that involves giving Crypto’s drone an AI autopilot mode.

Crypto Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Crypto was released all the way back in Season 3.

Apex Legends mod gives Crypto AI-controlled drone

While a lot of players have suggested allowing Crypto to move while using his drone, Archtux has showcased another option and it involves making his flying device a lot smarter.

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Created on the R5Reloaded server, Archtux has given Crypto’s drone an AI autopilot mode, making it fly around the nearby area while the Surveillance Expert is on the move.

Not only that, this allows the device to find enemies in the close vicinity and means Crypto doesn’t have to spend as long sitting stationary in drone view.

Although this change would definitely expose the device to a lot more gunfire and may even give away Crypto’s position, a lot of players are convinced the positives outweigh the drawbacks: “This needs to come into the game, no questions asked.”

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It’s safe to say that an AI drone wouldn’t be an easy feature to program into Apex Legends may put Respawn off the idea, especially if the device will be required to locate nearby enemies.

However, if the devs could pull it off, it may be the perfect solution to making Crypto more viable in the competitive meta.

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