Apex Legends dev hints at Mastiff changes coming in update 8.1

Jacob Hale
Apex Legends mastiff changes season 8
Respawn Entertainment

As the Mastiff continues to cause trouble all across the Outlands, an Apex Legends dev has hinted that changes to the divisive shotgun are coming in the next update.

With Season 8 now in full swing and Fuse a popular pick in the Legends rotation, the team at Respawn are now looking at how they can better balance the game as it stands right now.

There are already suggestions that the Locked & Loaded loot changes could be made permanent after seeing a lot of enjoyment from fans. The issues players were facing with broken skin textures has also been fixed.

Now, the team are looking at some of players’ biggest complaints, and the Mastiff could be about to meet its maker.

Warp Zone skin on the Mastiff shotgun in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Mastiff can cause some serious damage in the right hands.

The Mastiff is absolutely the best shotgun in the game, with decent range and some serious firepower behind it, making it seriously infuriating to play against.

There have been calls across the Apex community to at least nerf the weapon, with some players even now calling the game “Mastiff Legends,” it finally looks like their prayers are being answered.

After a fan pleaded for the upcoming 8.1 update patch notes to feature some kind of promise to fix the Mastiff issue, Respawn producer Josh Medina replied with a very telling emoji, as if to confirm our pleas were working.

As suggested in the original tweet, with the Patch Notes document coming in at over 3000 words, we could be in for some major changes to the game altogether.

That said, the Mastiff is one of the main features that most players want to see changed, and this could mean we’re getting it.

Whether this means a nerf or it being put instead into care packages remains to be seen, but it looks pretty likely now that something is happening.