Apex Legends player shows Crypto’s strength with crazy Respawn Beacon strat

Philip Trahan
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Apex Legends fans were left wowed by Crypto’s strengths after one player showed off a crazy strat that involved ‘stealing’ an enemy team’s Respawn Beacon.

For the majority of Apex Legends’ lifespan there have been a handful of Legends that have dominated the fanbases’ interest and thus get the most attention.

Legends like Wraith, Octane, and Pathfinder serve as many players’ go-to Legend. However, those who branch out and dedicate themselves to other specialist Legends have been known to surprise the community with their skill.

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Recently, one player made an excellent example of this after wowing fans with a skillful Crypto play that robbed an enemy team of their Respawn Beacon, essentially flipping a firefight on its head.

Apex Legend player shows off wild Crypto ‘stealing’ play

A Reddit user by the name Runsett- made a post on the Apex Legends subreddit titled, “Fight went bad? Steal their respawn beacon with Crypto.”

The post gained traction among the community after fans were impressed with the minute-long video included.

The video shows the OP, as Crypto, and their squad getting into a fight on Broken Moon. The firefight leaves both teams with some losses, but ultimately forces the Crypto player to retreat.

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As Crypto backs off, the enemy Newcastle tries to take advantage of the opportunity to respawn the fallen Octane using a Respawn Beacon.

Thanks to some quick thinking, the Crypto player used their drone to sneakily recover both fallen teammate banners and use the enemies’ deployed Respawn Beacon to bring back their team instead.

Fans in the comments applauded the player’s resourcefulness and quick thinking. “Crypto mains can be so scary lol,” said one fan. “Like no other legend could pull what is possibly the quickest reset ever, all while fucking over the team that nearly killed you lmfao.”

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This clip apparently taught some fans useful Crypto tips as well, as many players didn’t even know Crypto could heal while using his Drone.

While many Apex players prefer more straightforward Legends like Octane and Wraith, plays like these cement just how deep and diverse the game’s roster truly is.

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