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Simple Apex Legends trick makes Rampart perfect counter for Caustic campers

Published: 1/Mar/2021 13:45

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got a neat tip that makes Rampart an absolute nightmare for Caustic campers, and it’s actually pretty simple to use. 

Since Apex Legends launched back in February of 2019, Respawn Entertainment have been expanding their cast of characters with the addition of new seasons.

Each new legend has their own unique set of abilities, but can be played with a number of different play styles. Many players will go aggressive, hunting kills, and trying to use their legend as a counter for an enemy legend.

However, some take the slow and low route. Posting up in houses, and using their abilities to be devastating. It’s not uncommon to see Caustic gas flooding a room in this scenario, but players have got a tip to counter it.


Rampart in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart could do with a little love in future Apex Legends updates.

It’s actually a pretty simple one too. As Redditor rryyxn demonstrates, if a Caustic is sat in a house with gas traps, you don’t have to enter their domain to finish them off.

Instead, if you use Rampart, you can simply turn the tables on them and lock them inside. You throw down a bit of Amped Cover across the door, and then pull out the Sheila minigun.

The mounted turret will rip through the doors with ease, and cause panic to any Apex Legends player on the other side. They can try and quiver in a corner, but if they run across your line of sight, it’s pretty much game over as rryyxn shows.


Rampart can breach a Caustic’s building. Gas doesn’t go through walls and Sheila shreds doors. from apexuniversity

Experienced Rampart players might have already used this one to their advantage, but seeing as she’s slipped down the tier lists, she could get a buff soon that makes her much more useful moving forward.

As noted, campers could pick a corner to hide in, in an attempt to stay out of the turret’s way, but if you place it down at the correct spot, they stand no chance at all.