How to see all highest Ranked Apex Legends players and streamers

Calum Patterson. Last updated: Feb 28, 2021
Apex Ranked predator player
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Reaching the coveted rank of Apex Predator in Apex Legends is a feat that can be achieved by only the top 750 players (up from 500 in previous seasons). If you want to see who the very best players are and track their progress, look no further than Apex Ranked.

Among the top-ranked players sit the world’s best professional players, popular streamers, and dedicated Apex veterans. Less than 0.15% of the Apex Legends player base makes up this top rank.

Apex Ranked is a website that keeps track of these top players, making it easy for everyone to see who is progressing to the elusive number one spot, see how players have progressed (or regressed), and supports tools for streamers to show this off to their followers.

Streamer and content creator iLootGames, who owns the site, explained to us what it’s all about and how it could be the next big thing for Apex content creators especially.

Top Ranked Apex Legends players
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The top 10 ranked players, their Legend, and their Twitch link are provided. (Screenshot on Feb 28, 2021)

Top-ranked Apex Legends players

Apex Ranked is still in the early days, so there is a lot more to come, but even at this stage, you can see how useful its information is.

ILG explains: “Ranked grows your community and stream more than ALGS wins. Get an ALGS win and you may get a small bump but become number one pred in a split and your stream explodes.

“We needed a clean, simple, and very accurate source for people’s rank, so what I did was used the internal API system to grab 100% accurate rankings that update every 5 minutes.”

By hovering over a players’ ranking, you can see how their position has changed from previous splits too.

Ranked change for imperial hal

How streamers can use Apex Ranked

While it’s a useful tool for casual players and aspiring pros to be able to check the rankings and see where they are stacking up, one of the main goals for Apex Ranked is to support the streaming community. Like iLootGames explains, being the top-ranked player can help your Twitch channel explode, as we’ve seen with Rogue in Season 8.

RP Apex twitch command
Viewers can check RP progress in Twitch chat with the !rp command.

“My goal is to eventually give every stream access to their stats through StreamElements and Nightbot,” ILG explained. “We also have a trophy being finished for the number one pred so that people have something physical to remember their grind by and plan to expand to awards for more stats that we log, like most improved, largest kill game, etc. We can log these things and want to.

“The goal is to expand to a site that covers every detail about the ranked grind, helps people promote themselves, and allows for friendly, accurate access. Maybe soon we will even be able to host fun private tournaments where you see the top 100 preds in the world all face off in anti-meta games.”

Viewers in chat can already use the !rp command, if the broadcaster has set it up through their Nightbot. There’s still progress to be made, to add missing Twitch links, and getting more streamers to use the API tools available on their stream.

But, already, Apex Ranked is proving to be a great resource for players at the top end of Apex Legends, those who want to get there, and the fans that just love seeing their favorite players progress.