Simple Apex Legends trick lets Pathfinder “quick launch” for easy kills

Alan Bernal
Pathfinder using the grapple in Apex Legends

A simple trick with Pathfinder’s Grapple Hook lets him ‘quick launch’ into the air, which gives Apex Legends players a way to bamboozle enemies for stylish kills.

Players dropping into the Apex Games know that mobility plays a huge part in the outcome of fights. Since most characters in the game aren’t super agile, people have been getting inventive with how they mix up their movement.

This has led to a number of different moves being discovered that can be easily repeated or inserted for different scenarios during a match.

A concept like this isn’t lost to Pathfinder mains who tend to make great use of the Legend’s Grapple Hook tactical ability to zip around the battle royale in an instant.

Pathfinder is the premier Legend for getting around the Arena.

Apex pro Otto ‘ottr’ Boström showed how to pull off the quick launch, something that he sees as a tool that can be helpful in a firefight. The clip in question shows him taking on a close-ranged 2v1, when the enemy Wraith got a bit too close for comfort.

Casually, ottr showed how using Pathy’s grapple on the ground can give someone huge air in an attempt to throw off the other person for a vicious counterattack.

“Lots of people tell me they never see this move so figured I’d spread the word!” he said before describing the sequence. For those unaware of the trick, it can definitely be a game-changer in tight situations, letting people get that spare moment they need to line up a shot.

To pull it off: “Grapple, jump as the grapple hits, airstrafe the direction you want, cancel by pressing crouch, shoot,” ottr said.

That results in Pathfinder getting shot upward, giving players both an offensive and defensive tactic rolled into one. Even before using the trick, ottr was managing the 2v1 pretty well, but when things got hairy he launched up to quickly end the fight.

Just keep in mind that changes to Pathfinder’s Grapple Hook are getting looked over by Respawn, and it could alter how the ability is used.

But until then, this looks like a worthwhile tool to keep in the bag if you’re playing Pathfinders, since it’s bound to throw off a few Apex Legends opponents in a match.