Top 4 best Apex Legends tattoos: Wraith, Revenant, Pathfinder

Theo Salaun
apex legends best tattoos wraith

You don’t need to play Apex Legends or watch it on Twitch to know the game is doing well. Its fans are, quite literally, wearing their hearts on their sleeves and getting the game’s characters permanently etched on their bodies with tattoos.

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When Respawn Entertainment turned their Titanfall franchise into a battle royale, they did so in a cartoonish way that blended some of the universe’s grittier art with some of its more humorous, self-reflective designs. So the same game that has a spooky simulacrum like Revenant also boasts a goofy, smiley-face-crested robot like Pathfinder.

Since the game’s release in February 2019, those characters and weapons have become ingrained within a fanbase’s collective consciousness. Now, they’ve been embedded upon said fan’s skin as well.

Here are some of the best Apex Legends tattoos to surface over the popular battle royale’s lifespan.

The Kunai Wraith

Known for her insufferable Twitch streamers and her relationship with the Void, Wraith’s heirloom is a slick kunai knife. As such, Reddit’s ‘idzanake’ decided to modify the Void-walker’s original design to accommodate the Japanese knife’s imagery and introduce a samurai mask for their forearm tattoo.

In the spirit of that aesthetic inspiration, her Void appears to be referenced with a series of surrounding waves — which are a globally renowned element from Japanese woodblock printing (seen prominently in Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”).

The Mozambique for charity

One of Apex’s more heartwarming stories, a Twitch streamer named ‘Nico’ asserted that she would get a tattoo of the game’s infamously worst gun: the Mozambique. 

As such, once her goal of $5,000 toward Gamers Outreach was surpassed by a whopping $3,000, she got what turned out to be a vibrant, colorful ‘bique on her thigh. Even if the design wasn’t so clean, this would have been an excellent tattoo for the story alone.

Revenant’s Unholy Beast


Revenant is a scary character. Revenant’s Unholy Beast legendary skin is also scary, but with more symbolism vibes. It should be no wonder, then, that a tattoo of the Legend’s spooky mask looks pretty cool.

In a tattoo that would make a leather-jacket-clad biker proud, Reddit’s ‘Sir_Waluigi’ is partially covered by the Unholy Beast face, cracked skull and all. Fittingly, it sits next to another tattoo with a skull, marking the continuation of a menacing sleeve.

“Hi, Friends!”

Tattoo artist ‘jtricomi’ was asked to put together a Pathfinder tattoo for their brother-in-law, Chris, and the results are very fun. Just as the Legend departs from some of the other, edgier designs, this art is much more vibrant and cartoonish than the aforementioned works.

With Pathfinder’s patented “Hi, friends!” voiceline etched above, jtricomi etches the friendly robot with a joyful wave, a trademark smiley face, and a variety of blue and orange hues in the style of a watercolor painting. If anything, this final Apex Legends tattoo demonstrates how versatile the game’s designs can be.