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Apex Legends

Simple Apex Legends tip makes grenades deadlier than ever

Published: 11/Dec/2021 17:23

by Joe Craven


Eagle-eyed Apex Legends players have realized that a grenade’s small reticle can indicate how deadly it will be, letting the thrower know whether it will be accurate ahead of release.

A major component to any battle royale is its weapon and equipment pool – the guns and utility available to all players to complement different play-styles and Legends.

Grenades are not as powerful as they could be in Apex Legends but, alongside other projectiles like Arc Stars or Thermites, they can be a useful supplement to any offensive or defensive barrage.

There are a number of tactics players can use to maximize their efficiency with throwables, but this one has emerged fairly recently – mainly because of how difficult it is to notice.


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Explosives can certainly make their mark in Apex Legends.

The Redditor – OGNatan – asked: “How long has this been a thing? I’ve never noticed the grenade reticle changing color when in range for a direct hit. Niche usage, but could be helpful for guaranteeing sticks, etc.”

Attached to the post was a video showing a player in Apex Legends’ firing range lining up a grenade. Upon the grenade being perfectly aimed to land directly on the opponent, the white reticle turns to gold.

Naturally, the resulting throw is a direct hit – taking 10 HP off the opponent as well as guaranteeing an accurate explosion.

Although it is a pretty basic tip, many Apex Legends players won’t have even realized the small change to the reticle that comes when it is lined up perfectly.


As the Redditor pointed out it has fairly niche usage, but there are a number of scenarios in which it could help players. If sneaking up behind enemies, a player could guarantee a direct hit and stick, making it a 3v2 from the outset.

We’ll be sure to use it when we drop into Storm Point from now on.