Simple Apex Legends trick makes grenades undodgeable at long-range

Alex Garton
Grenade in Apex Legends

Grenades in Apex Legends can be extremely difficult to use and can often feel slightly underwhelming. However, if you use the correct technique, they can be incredibly effective, especially at long-range.

Apex Legends is filled with a range of exciting weapons and throwables for players to use. However, one of the most powerful and effective pickups is the standard grenade that’s found in almost every single FPS.

Unlike Apex’s other in-game throwables, if the grenade is thrown perfectly, it’s incredibly difficult for an enemy to dodge or avoid. This is due to the ignition time of four seconds that begins when a grenade is thrown by a player.

At long range and with the correct technique, a grenade can be aimed with pinpoint accuracy and explode directly on landing.

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Apex Legends Season 8 is set to launch on February 2.

Apex Legends trick makes grenades explode on landing

A thread posted to the Apex University subreddit, which provides tips for improving at the game, shows exactly how to throw grenades so they explode on landing, and has garnered over 3500 upvotes.

EddygCPA points out a very simple grenade trick that a lot of players overlook, especially in enclosed endgame situations. When throwing a grenade at long-range, aiming it flat towards your opponents will allow them to see it coming and easily avoid the explosion.

Instead, players should aim the grenade directly upwards and then angle it downwards to a point where it will fly through the air, landing on enemies from above.

Not only will this make it less likely for your target to see a grenade in the air, but it will also ensure the grenade will explode directly upon landing.

Of course, in order to utilize this technique, you’ll need to put in some hours on the Firing Range to ensure your grenade throwing is up to par.

However, there’s no denying it’s an incredibly simple trick that is guaranteed to catch your opponents off-guard the next time you throw a grenade.

Who knows, the next time you’re in an end-game circle with one other squad left standing, this could be exactly what you need to pick up the victory.

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