Apex Legends leak reveals long-awaited change to player limits in the works

Connor Bennett
Revenant pirate skin running with weapon in Apex Legends

A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed that Respawn Entertainment are working on bigger lobbies for the battle royale, with up to 100 player sessions being tested. 

While the Apex Legends battle royale formula is pretty much the same as its rivals Warzone and Fortnite, there are a few big differences between the biggest games.

Aside from the legend abilities, Respawn Entertainment has chosen to go against the grain and not implement 100+ player lobbies, instead, keeping it to 60 players in 20 teams of three.

For the longest time, players have begged the devs to increase this limit – with some suggesting they should at least go to 90 or so players to help with matchmaking. While Respawn have previously been against increasing the limit, it seems a change may be in the pipeline.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends lobbies have been strictly 60 players.

100 player Apex Legends lobbies tested

In his December 10 YouTube video, reliable leaker and Apex Legends dataminer GarretLeaks noted that there have been some changes to the game files – specifically around private matches.

According to the leaker, Respawn have increased the size of their lobbies from 80 players to 100 players in private matches, showing that they’ve at least tested 100 player lobbies recently. Though, there is no telling just how in-depth the tests have been.

Obviously, if the tests go well, it could be something we see in the main battle royale at some point, but as the leaker notes, there’s no telling if that’s the case just yet.

Last October, Respawn’s Jason McCord explained that the battle royale’s maps were made with 60 players in mind, so adding another 40 players to the mix wasn’t quite feasible.

However, after spending a few weeks on the newest map Storm Point, players have noted that it’s a bit sparse at times and could easily fit more players. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with Respawn’s testing.