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Simple Apex Legends shield change would be a perfect counter for Bloodhound scans

Published: 26/Mar/2021 13:23

by Connor Bennett


Some Apex Legends players have got a simple idea for a new item that would be the perfect counter for Bloodhound, but others are pretty skeptical about balancing. 

Ever since Apex Legends launched over two years ago, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale have been offering up ideas for changes, new legends, cosmetics, and more.

The majority of these suggestions center on reworks, buffs, and sometimes nerfs for the existing cast of characters, especially when one is perceived to be a bit too overpowered versus the rest.

However, this time around, players have come up with an idea of an idea that would be aimed at countering Bloodhound and Thermal Scopes during matches.


Bloodhound Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound’s passive allows them to see traps, clues, and where enemies have gone.

The idea comes from Reddit user TimV55, who suggested that Respawn could add a piece of equipment where, if you had it in your inventory, you could not be scanned by Bloodhound or show up on thermal.

It sounds, and works, just like the Cold Blooded perk in Call of Duty, but with this being Apex, it couldn’t last forever.

As the Redditor suggests, you could even equip it and then get a few uses out of it. Say you’re in range of one Bloodhound scan, that damages the item and takes a use away, sort of like the Heat Shield that was added recently to combat the ring.


What do you think of this idea for a new survival item – Suit that makes you not show up on Bloodhound scans and through Digital Threat sights from apexlegends

Of course, it would have to be balanced, and that’s where some less than supportive players voiced their concerns.

“There would need to be some balance as to not render Bloodhound absolutely useless,” said one. “Maybe its reduces the scan time but an outright block is unfair. I also think the same about Bangalore being countered by a literal gun sight,” added another.

At the end of the day, changes are made by Respawn and Respawn alone, but it could be interesting for a limited-time mode later down the road.

The developers have said before that they can’t out and out just take ideas from fans, they have to put their own spin on things, but maybe they’ll consider it.