Simple Apex Legends buff would improve Bangalore’s ultimate ability

Alan Bernal

A quick update to Bangalore’s ultimate in Apex Legends would improve the quality of life for Rolling Thunder while letting teams efficiently strategize around the ability.

When calling down the ordinance, missiles reign down from the sky in a rough square formation. While the blasts aren’t entirely deadly on their own, they apply a concussive slow to players and disorient anyone caught out during the storm.

Since it’s not necessarily an easy way to apply a lot of damage, Rolling Thunder is typically used to clear a path for a rotation/attack or use as a barrier in case a team needs a quick escape from a sticky situation.

Thinking of a small way to improve the ultimate, Reddit user ‘NeroIceblood’ thought to add an area of impact indicator to her map before calling down the thunder.

“Little Bangalore Buff Idea, maybe Gibby too, [that shows] the area of impact for her Ultimate when she has the throwable in her hand,” they said, showing an image of a blue square on the minimap.

The slight upgrade would help to navigate chaotic nature of Bangalore’s ult.

This would give players and teams a visual representation of the ultimate’s reach, which would make it much easier to coordinate or plan around

Having a chance to play around the missiles could open Bangalore’s potential for setting up flanks, pinches, or picks. Though a well-coordinated team in Apex can still pull off the same type of use from her, it would be much more streamlined with a small indicator.

“Why not go all the way and show the area of effect on the map for every tactical and ultimate, like in Valorant?” user ‘weakhead’ suggested, as the concept could easily be applied to other Legends for instant improvements. “Seeing on the map where your bracelet will land as Loba would be neat.”

A change like that would let players confidently play around abilities, especially for the ones that are hard to distinguish as friend or foe, like Caustic’s gas traps.

In either case, these kinds of small upgrades are meant to put that finishing polish in Apex Legends to make the battle royale that much more enjoyable to play.

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