Simple Apex Legends badge concept could solve early quitting problem


An Apex Legends fan has created a simple badge concept that would reward players for not leaving games early. 

Ever since launching their battle royale back in February, Respawn Entertainment have rolled out plenty of content for Apex Legends. Be it skins, new legends, a new map, or the long-awaited modes like ranked, the developers have ticked off a lot of what fans have asked for. 

Despite that, though, fans are still clamoring for more and regularly come up with their own ways to fix things or add in new ideas. Be it being able to vote between the game’s two maps, or an idea for a nerf, creative fans have thought of nearly everything. However, a new idea could be one of the best yet and solve the game’s problem with early quitters.

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Apex Legends players have been greeted with new content like Crypto in major updates.

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In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user F1FO showcased their genius idea for a new badge that would be given out to players who don’t quit games early. 

Modeled after an escape key on a keyboard, the Redditor’s badge would be obtainable at three levels – complete grey ESC key, slightly green ESC key, and a full green ESC key. The starter level would require players to quit less than 3% of the time, while the other two would show how dedicated a player was – reaching a less than 1% level.

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While the badge is designed to promote fighting on till the end and not leaving early, F1FO noted that it wouldn’t be about shaming quitters, but praising the determined players.

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Having something in your inventory that shows off how dedicated you are to the game is obviously a noble stamp, but it may also give some confidence to players who play in random lobbies and suffer with constant deserters. 

Being penalized for random teammates leaving early has been a sore point for plenty of players in season three and they’ll be hoping something is done about it by the time season four rolls around.

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