Ridiculous Apex Legends bug gives the Devotion back-breaking recoil

Alan Bernal
TheBETAboi via Reddit

A bizarre bug with the Devotion LMG in Apex Legends gives the weapon a recoil kick that just keeps on going, giving players a unique perspective in the game.

The glitch seems to be purely visual from the game’s end, meaning it shouldn’t have any hindering effects on anyone during a match. In fact, Reddit user ‘TheBETAboi,’ who noticed the bug, went into the Firing Range to demonstrate how funny it looks in practice.

Even among some of the heavier guns in the game, the Devotion already has some of the most potent recoils for a gun. But the bug just lets the gun’s kick go to an obnoxious level of consequence, seeing as the gun just keeps going up.

Respawn Entertainment
The Devotion LMG has a bug that gives the recoil an insane kick.

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While standing still, the player can be seen shooting a bullet at a time with a fully loaded Devotion without any attachments equipped.

“I noticed a few interesting things about the Devotion’s recoil today,” they quipped.

The clip shows him demonstrating three different perspectives of the bug, one while aiming down the sight, one while hip firing, and another hip fire angle while looking as far up as possible.

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The first angle showed a comical result of looking up while aiming down the Devotion’s sights. Due to the bug, the recoil kept going back with every shot.

Usually, the recoil briefly displaces the player’s perspective while stopping at a certain point or resetting for the next shot. But this time, the camera kept going further making the player get a unique perspective of the Firing Range.

The clip’s thread was filled with Apex community members baffled at what they say, and user ‘Random_Name_0K’ joked: “You broke your spine mate.”

TheBETAboi via Reddit
Though you can’t see it, there’s a Devotion being shot in this still.

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Other angles of the bug showed the gun perpetually tilting skyward and even going so far up that it wasn’t on the player’s screen anymore.

Though the only thing that managed to stop the bug’s progression was the limit of the Devotion’s magazine, this looks like a harmless bug on the visual end of the game.

With The Old Ways Lore event just kicking off, look for Respawn to do small bug fixes periodically, which could include a fix for this issue.