First in-game look at Loba and her animations leaked in Apex Legends

Albert Petrosyan

Prominent Apex Legends dataminer ‘iLootGames’ has found and leaked an unreleased character who he claims is Loba, giving fans their first-ever look at the expected next new Legend.

As with every major update in Apex Legends, the launch of Bloodhound’s Old Ways event on April 7 added some new files to the game’s back end that were not meant to be released, at least not yet.

Shortly after the patch went live, visuals were leaked online showing a female character that has never been seen before in the game.

According to iLootGames, the dataminer who discovered the files, the character is actually Loba, who many expect to be the next new Legend once Season 5 rolls around.

Not only was he able to leak an image of the Legend, but he also managed to get his hands on a video showing Loba doing some walking animations as well as what could be some sort of attack at the very end.

The leaks don’t end there; iLootGames also shared some details about how Loba will first be revealed in Apex Legends. According to some lines of code he pulled, the character will first appear in “phase 4” of teasers and will be shown on the in-game banners.

Who is Loba?

Everything we know so far about Loba has been the result of leaks and speculation since developers Respawn Entertainment haven’t even formally acknowledged her existence.

Many believe she is the little girl shown in the Revenant reveal trailer, the one whose parents the Synthetic Nightmare murdered. There is a brief moment when she can be seen holding a small figure of a wolf, which is “loba” in Portuguese, the language that she and her family spoke in the video.

The theory is that she’ll be back in Season 5 to exact her revenge against Revenant, and now that we have our first look at her adult form, that speculation is looking more and more legitimate.

Respawn EntertainmentLoba, which means wolf in Portuguese, is expected to be the next new Legend in Apex Legends.

As for her abilities, again, we have nothing to go off of except leaks, but former dataminer That1MiningGuy described her kit as being focused around looting and finding high-tier items and weapons, which can be crucial in the early phases of matches.

  • Burglar’s Best Friend – Throw a disc and teleport to that location
  • Supply for Demand – Choose a type of loot and reveal all matching gear through walls
  • Eye for Quality – Activate hidden compartment in bins for extra loot

All that said, however, there’s no guarantee that Loba will even be added to the game, despite all of the information and now images that have been found. Respawn proved how far they’re willing to go to ensure that their future content remains a surprise when they added fake info about Forge and even falsely announced him as the new Legend for Season 4.

A developer later revealed that it was part of a ploy to trick leakers and their followers and hide the fact that Revenant was actually the new character, while Forge ended up getting killed off before even appearing in-game.

As always, we will continue to bring you the latest news, leaks, and updates about Loba as soon as more information becomes available.

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