Respawn working on Apex Legends bug that portals Wraith under the map

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer cgdaanpd]An interaction between Wraith, the Arena and her Dimensional Rift is being addressed by the Respawn devs to prevent Apex Legends players from glitching under the map.

When people try to use one of the portals that connect the interdimensional bridge, it can sometimes bug out, and they’ll exit the gateway to an endless fall — ultimately leading to their early demise in the Apex Arena.

This obviously isn’t an intended mechanic, and some think it has to do with the death boxes that can occupy the space needed for a player to safely exit the rift. “The deathbox has those coordinates occupied on the map, thus you do not, and through you go. Just Apex things,” one user said in response to an example.

In redditor ‘vmatsan’s’ clip, they showed how the glitch can have huge implications for people taking their own portal. After trying to revive their teammate, they instead opted to use their ultimate ability in hopes that they could make more distance between themselves and the downed player.

Wraith portal in Apex Legends that has a bug.
Going through Wraith’s portal can be deadly if there’s a death box near.

Meanwhile, their teammate was finished off, resulting in a death box spawning right at the steps for one of the portal entrances.

Going back through the portal, the Wraith landed on nothing and started to fall down, resulting in a quick demise.

“I lost a match on ranked yesterday because of this deathbox bulls**t,” another user wrote. The glitch can be especially hard to avoid if you’re planning a last ditch escape.

If a player has been downed, it’s not uncommon for a Wraith to lay down a portal for them to take just to revive them at a safer distance. However, getting eliminated near the entrance suddenly makes it a one-way tunnel.

People have been encountering this glitch in multiple instances and it looks like the devs are working toward a fix. On their Apex tracker, they have a fix for “coming out of Wraith portal [that] can sometimes push characters under geo.”

This fix is expected to come out in a ‘future patch,’ hopefully in Season 5, so that Apex Legends players won’t have to contend with the bug for long.

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