Apex Legends players find glitch that allows them outside map boundaries

Theo Burman
Valkyrie ult in Apex Legends

Apex Legends sleuths have discovered a new way to push the game’s limits by using respawn beacons to drop into unexplored zones.

Normally, invisible barriers stop players from accessing out-of-bounds areas, and timers pop up to make sure they stick to approved areas on the map.

But some players have found out that the timers won’t appear if they place a mobile respawn beacon near the barrier.

Once they die, they have a decent chance of dropping back down on the other side, without a timer limiting their chance to explore the inaccessible parts of the map.

This can also be achieved by using Valkyrie’s ultimate, which can sometimes be used like a dropship to get your entire team in the out-of-bounds area, provided you’re 400 meters off the ground.

apex legends control mode header

YouTuber Dirty Skirty confirmed that this trick works on multiple maps, including World’s Edge, Storm Point, and King’s Canyon.

Players have already started to use these tactics to get their hands on previously inaccessible loot that spawns outside control map boundaries.

The Prowlers on Lava Siphon are the best option here, as they drop weapons that can still be used during matches.

However, other mechanics like zip lines and supply bins will not spawn in the out-of-bounds areas, though Pathfinder ultimates will still work.

This is not the first dropship bug that has been recorded in the last week.

A matchmaking bug also allowed solo players in team lobbies to randomly gain new teammates after clearing out whole squads.

These new teammates didn’t even have a dropship animation, and simply appeared on the ground.