Respawn reveal upcoming fix for broken hit registration in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has revealed how they are finally going to fix the long-standing hit registration issues in Apex Legends with their next update.

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Apex Legends released back on February 4 to much fanfare as Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG.

Those loyal players that have remained are gearing up for the release of content in the form of season two – which is expected to drop sometime in June – yet, issues still remain in the current build of the game, including hit registration, audio, and general performance errors.

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Respawn have been hard at work to rectify the problems that are still rearing their heads. On May 17, they announced just what players can expect in the next update – including a resolution for the long-standing hit reg issues.

Players will now see network problem indicator icons in the upper right of the screen “more frequently” than they currently do. The developers explained that these icons are now “pickier about your connection quality”

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While this may not be the almighty fix that some players may have been hoping for, Respawn added that the changes in network detection will be “useful” in helping them “narrowing down the cause of any bugs that we continue to see.”

Screengrab via RedditThe full explanation from Respawn on the Hit Reg issues.
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The developers are still urging players to share any videos and report the remaining errors that appear when it comes to hit registration in-game. The update is set to drop “early next week,” which could indicate either May 20 or May 21 but Respawn did not reveal a specific date as to when it will go live.

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However, for one reason or another, things could change and the patch could be delayed. It remains to be seen as to when exactly the game will receive an update.

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