New Apex Legends render reveals what unreleased L-STAR weapon will sound like

A new Apex Legends render shows what the unreleased L-STAR weapon will sound like in-game, while also confirming its appearance from previous leaks. 

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Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends, have gone a long time without any meaningful content coming to the game but all of that will be changing once Season 2 arrives.

Season 2 will be officially unveiled during EA’s press conference, which is when players can find out what they can expect for the future of the hit battle royale game.

The L-STAR is likely to be the next weapon added in Apex Legends.
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A new weapon is said to be coming with Season 2 and many signs are pointing to that being the L-STAR. This is further backed up by this rendering of the game that shows off not only its model but the sounds it will make.

The POV rendering of it shows what it will look like in the hands of Octane, Apex’s newest Legend. We get a look at the reload animation but unfortunately, do not get to see what it looks like when shot.

If this render is anything to go off, it looks like the gun is pretty close to being ready for in-game action.

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What can we expect with Season 2?

Many players are looking forward to the release of Season 2, which will come with a new Battle Pass, Legend and presumably the L-Star gun.

That’s not the only thing fans have to look forward to as Respawn teased new locations potentially coming to the map.

Fans were very vocal at what they called the underwhelming Season 1 Battle Pass and Respawn promised to fix that as well.

Players will have to tune in to EA’s presentation during E3 2019 to find out if Apex Legends is worth sticking with for the long haul.