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Respawn reveal Apex Legends bug fixes coming in future update

Published: 28/Jun/2020 11:12

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have revealed the bugs and other issues that they’re working on with a view to getting quite of them fixed in the near future. 

As the Apex Legends seasons progress and Respawn roll out new updates, wires can get crossed and things don’t go as planned. This usually comes in the form of a legend or weapon being ridiculously overpowered or a frustrating bug ruining things for all players – no matter what legend they play as.

Whenever problems stack up, the developers do usually move pretty quickly to address them, be it with a hotfix or a small update.


Now, as plenty of problems have cropped up following the Lost Treasures Collection Event update, Respawn have revealed the current set of issues that they are trying to fix in future patches.

Respawn Entertainment
The Lost Treasures update has bugged a few things out in Apex.

According to their public Trello board, where the bugs that the developers are investigating are tracked, Respawn have added seven new problems to the four that they’d already looked into.

These new problems include Wraith being able to shoot while knocked, Octane being unable to use his Stim ability while aiming down sight as well as the Stim prompting him to run faster than normal while healing. 


Another, that has come with the start of Lost Treasures, is that Mobile Respawn Beacons are appearing outside of the new limited-time mode. According to Respawn’s notes, that isn’t supposed to be the case just yet. 

Fixes in future Apex Legends update

  • Extended timers for challenges and treasure packs
  • Octant can’t stim while in ADS
  • Wraith being able to shoot while downed
  • Octane stim makes you move fast while healing
  • Mobile respawn beacon showing in other modes
  • Wraith’s “Marble Goddess” skin doesn’t take headshot damage
  • Caustic’s gas prevents reviving
  • If Revenant death protection wears off during revive, revive is canceled
Screenshot via Trello
The bugs that Respawn are currently working on in Apex.

The devs are also addressing numerous problems centered around reviving. Most notably, Caustic is unable to self-revive while lying in Nox gas.

They have, however, got a fix coming in season six for a problem where Revenant can sometimes see revives canceled if he is under death protection and it runs out at the wrong time.

All the issues marked with a green label means Respawn have a fix ready, which is coming in a future update – but this doesn’t necessarily mean the next update.


Some of the bugs can possibly be addressed via hotfixes and server-side patches, but some will take full-blown updates on the client (player) side to be rooted out.