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New Apex Legends leak reveals Nova as possible Season 6 character

Published: 26/Jun/2020 10:13 Updated: 26/Jun/2020 10:29

by Connor Bennett


A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed some details about Nova – who could possibly be another female character in the battle royale when season six launches.

As each new Apex Legends season unfolds, players are always looking to the future as data miners dig into the new files added by Respawn Entertainment. In the past, they’ve been able to find a whole host of details about the upcoming legends.

Going all the way back to season one, a full list of legends that were in development was leaked and while they all haven’t been released, we’ve at least seen a few of them added.


With new files being added to Apex with the start of the Lost Treasures Collection Event, leakers have been able to get their hands on a few new details. 

Respawn Entertainment
Loba was added to Apex Legends as the new character for season five.

The new supposed new legend that they’ve uncovered is called Nova. Reliable leaker Shrugtal posted a photo of what looks to be Nova’s legend icon as well as a few other details. 

“She’s literally called pilot_medium_nova, like all the other legends e.g. pilot_medium_loba,” the leaker added, referencing further details that they’d found, including placeholder animations from Bangalore. 

The female character has also seemingly taken the place of the previously leaked Valk, with Shrugtal noting that there are no mentions of that name anymore in the files like there had been previously. 


Though the references to a new legend may spark excitement about her possibly being added in season six, new details about Rampart were also uncovered – and it seems as if he might be a little further down the line in development, especially as there are abilities for him in the files. 

Of course, the Apex devs haven’t been averse to a little bit of trickery either. Who can ever forget all the teasers for Forge prior to season four, only for him to be killed and replaced by Revenant? We’ll just have to wait and see as to what the devs have up their sleeve.