Apex Legends devs respond to fans asking for more Legend buffs


Two Apex Legends devs have responded to calls for Bangalore, Lifeline, and Revenant to receive buffs – noting that they’ve thought about it, but there’s nothing coming anytime soon. 

As Respawn Entertainment continues to update Apex Legends throughout the new seasons, legends are tweaked with different buffs and nerfs. Most recently, Lifeline, Octane, and Crypto were highlighted in the Lost Treasures Collection Event update with their buffs. 

Though, as players have their favorite legends, they want to see their character of choice given some love. They’ll regularly put ideas forward – be it directly to the developers or just on social media. As there have been calls for further changes already, two members of the Respawn have stepped forward to answer a few questions. 

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Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline received a pretty major buff in the recent Apex Legends update.

Jason McCord, the Design Director on Apex Legends, fielded a question about Bangalore possibly receiving a buff in the coming weeks – though, he noted that there isn’t anything coming anytime soon.

“Hearing a lot of Bangalore comments lately. Got us chatting about it,” he posted. “Nothing on the books, but we hear you!”  

As for Lifeline and Revenant, questions about their possible buffs were fielded by Daniel Klein.

The Respawn dev noted that Revenant has seen an increase in win rate following his recent changes as his ultimate ability is now working as intended. 

In the case of Lifeline, she is also climbing the win rate ranks, and the devs did have different ideas for her DOC drone revive. Though, they were not used and Klein added that he thinks there isn’t any room for a buff to anyone right now.

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Obviously, as season five unfolds, the lack of buffs could very well change – especially if one legend becomes overpowered and overused.

We’ll just have to keep an eye on what Respawn decide to do when it comes to rolling out updates.