Respawn responds to Apex Legends bug causing all skins & unlocks to disappear

Alan Bernal
apex legends loba skins bug

Reports have been filing in of a bug in Apex Legends that’s been clearing some people’s accounts from all cosmetics and unlocks they’ve earned. Respawn is investigating the claims.

With Season 8: Mayhem in full-swing, players are dropping into the Apex Games to unlock the troves of new skins and content that came with the updated Battle Pass. In the midst of the season, Respawn are seeing that some ‘rare’ cases leave people without unlocks in their inventory.

Director of Community and Communications at Respawn, Ryan K. Rigney, said that there were some people who have been reporting losses in their inventory.

While this is a troublesome event, Rigney explained that people shouldn’t be concerned, however, since how few players the bug is actually affecting.

“Seeing scattered reports about a rare issue causing players to lose all their cosmetics/unlocks in Apex,” Rigney said of the glitch. “Team is looking into it, will report back when we know more.”

As for people hesitant to log in, the comms director made it a point to say that a minimal amount of players are actually experiencing the issue as the studio turns its attention on how to solve the problem.

“Only seeing a few players affected out of millions. Either way, we’ll figure it out,” Rigney said. This isn’t a widespread issue, but Respawn hopes to find a meaningful solution soon.

This comes on the heels of another that had to do with Anniversary Collection Event heirloom pack “unintentionally resetting the ‘counter’ that guarantees you get heirloom shards every 500 packs.”

In 24 hours, the company was able to confirm a fix and restoration of items for the items that were affected, with Respawn taking about another day to clean up the “last few edge cases caused by a related bug.”

Players that are now dealing with their inventories being cleaned out of cosmetics and unlocks will hope that the devs can similarly clear this issue up as quickly as it did the last time.

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