Apex Legends devs respond to ranked bug causing RP losses

Tyler Kitts
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The developers of Apex Legends have finally responded to a known bug where ranked rewards – such as RP – go missing.

Being rewarded for your efforts in games like Apex Legends is a way for players to show off what they have been able to accomplish.

Whatever the reward, it is fun to see what other players have done. Players can even compare their rewards against others to see what they might be missing or who may be catching up to them.

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However, a bug has been found that prevents earned rewards from being given to the player. This issue and other bugs have been in Apex Legends for some time, but now the developers have confirmed they are looking into it.

Apex Legends developers looking into missing ranked rewards

According to the Apex Legends Trello board used to keep track of bugs and glitches, Respawn is officially investigating the problem with players not receiving their ranked rewards.

The issue has been in the game for some time now, with the official EA forums holding 55 pages of players requesting the problem be addressed. The reports go back as far as May 2022. 

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Apex Legends developers officially looking into missing rewards bug

Oddly, the thread has been marked ‘Fixed’ despite no official update addressing the issue being announced. One of the more recent comments on the forum, from February 13, said: “Just please rework the badge system so y’all can grant badges now it’s been going on for almost 6 seasons that I’m missing my s10 and 12 pred badge this is so sad.”

Another Apex Legends user saw the Trello board change on February 18 and said, “I’ve noticed that the issue on the Trello board has been moved to a different section, so it seems like some progress is being made.”

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As the Apex Legends reward problem is now in the ‘investigating’ section of their Trello board, fans may see the issue fixed sometime in the near future. It will likely be a massive relief for those who have been continuously impacted.

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