Artist accuses Apex Legends of “ripping off” their work for Season 16 skin

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An artist has accused Apex Legends of “ripping off” their work for a new Pathfinder skin that’s releasing in Season 16.

Season 16 of Apex Legends is scheduled to arrive on February 14 and the major update is set to bring a huge amount of new content to the game.

This includes the Nemesis AR, the TDM mode, and new Legend classes, but also as always, an array of fresh new cosmetics.

Well, one of these skins is causing a lot of controversy on Twitter, as an artist has accused Respawn of stealing their work. The design in question is an emoji, and it’s visible on the new Pathfinder cosmetic coming with Season 16.

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Artist accuses Respawn of plagiarism on new Pathfinder skin

Taking to Twitter on February 8, artist @mothcharm accused Respawn of stealing their work after multiple people in their DMs let them know that a design on a new Pathfinder skin looked similar to their emojis.

The creator acknowledged that they “don’t own the concept of nice emojis” but argued that their “own style is recognizable” and that this design is identical.

Calling out Respawn, mothcharm thinks the least EA can do is give them some money after their work has been “ripped off” from their perspective. As Apex Legends makes “millions”, the artist believes that Respawn should pay for the right to use their emojis.

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It’s worth noting that mothcharm decided to delete their tweet after it went viral, as the post sparked a huge debate in the comments.

For now, neither EA nor Respawn have responded to the artist, so we’ll have to wait and see whether they decide to reply, or just ignored the accusation.