Respawn confirm Apex Legends Loba ultimate nerf is being fixed

. 4 months ago
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Coming into Apex Legends Season 12, Loba fans noticed her Black Market Boutique ultimate no longer blocked doors – a surprise nerf to her kit – but it appears this change was, indeed, unintentional. 

Apex Legends Season 12 brought with it a whole plethora of content for players to explore. From volatile new Legend, Mad Maggie, to the all-new Control mode, Defiance has largely been a hit with the game’s community.

As can be expected, though, it hasn’t quite been smooth sailing. The recent 1.91 update has accidentally broken King’s Canyon, leading to its subsequent removal, and supportive Legend, Loba, also saw a bizarre nerf to her ultimate.

Once upon a time, her Black Market Boutique could be used to block doors; a feature that was apparently removed coming into Season 12. Following player feedback, however, Respawn have confirmed that this nerf was entirely unintended, and are looking to reverse it.

apex legends loba using her black market boutique ultimate shop
Respawn Entertainment
“Momma’s got a brand new bag,” but sadly it doesn’t block doors.

Apex Legends devs confirm Loba ult nerf was accidental

While the Black Market Boutique has the obvious advantages of acquiring new gear, it also can be used as a glorified shield in times of crisis. With 100 HP, it can be the difference between life and death.

It could also be used to block enemy advances, as doors would stick on it and be unable to open fully. In Season 12, though, objects appeared to simply pass through the shop, limiting its usage as a barricade.

According to the Apex dev tracker Trello, however, Respawn are investigating the issue and have confirmed a fix will be coming in an upcoming patch – so Loba fans rejoice! You’ll be able to block entrances and exits to your heart’s content.

apex legends dev tracker trello loba ult no longer blocks doors fix
Respawn have confirmed that a fix is in the works for Loba’s ult.

Whether or not this will also be applied to other Legends remains to be seen, as some players originally noted that Revenant’s Death Totem was also unable to block doors following the Season 12 update.

Either way, at least Loba mains will be able to cause chaos once more and giggle away from the backline once they’ve translocated out to safety.

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