Top 10 best Legends for Control in Apex Legends

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wattson in apex legends mode control
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Apex Legends introduced a new limited-time mode called Control in Season 12, which Call of Duty players have likened to Domination. If you’re looking to dominate in Control, here’s the best 10 Legends you should be using, ranked. 

The rules for Control are simple. There are two teams, each of which has nine Legends on it. Unlike the general battle royale mode, there can be multiple of the same Legend on those teams, too.

You are then tasked with the objective of claiming three major checkpoints on the map, labeled A, B, and C. If your team has captured an objective, then the team can start spawning there and defend it. The longer these are defended, the more points your team will rack up – working towards the goal of hitting 1,250!

For a full breakdown of Control’s rules and tips to perform better, here’s our complete guide.

Best Legends to use in Control: Apex Legends rankings

Here, we’re going to show you the best Legends for the new Apex Legends Control mode.

It wasn’t easy, but let’s dive right into it…

10. Mirage

Mirage Apex Legends
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Mirage’s decoys will serve you well in Control.

The Holographic Trickster might be a thorn in your side a lot of times in the normal mode, especially when he uses his Ultimate. Now, in Control – where multiple can fire off their small army of decoys – a team with a few Mirages involved can prove to be a handful.

Mirage will be a perfect Legend for players who are always looking to be in the action zones, capturing objectives or defending. But on the offensive, he’ll offer very little to the team.

9. Bloodhound

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Bloodhound will always be an effective part of a team in any Apex Legends mode.

The Godsent Hunter can scan like crazy for your team, and that’s super effective in the battle royale mode – putting the non-binary fighter among the top spots in our complete tier list. Based on that, it should come as no surprise to see Bloodhound on our Top 10 list for Control. Beast of the Hunt, Tracker, and Eye of the Allfather are all strong strings to your bow.

As a support player, you’re going to have some great success by choosing to use the Technological Tracker. However, in a mode based on attacking, securing, and defending three objectives, some other abilities across the roster are just a bit more superior.

8. Lifeline

Apex Legends Lifeline Cosplay
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Lifeline might be a support legend, but her care packages can get teams out of tricky spots.

One of the things you should know about Apex Legends’ Control is that your Ultimate ability has a much shorter cooldown, which benefits some Legends more than others. In the case of Lifeline, with constant Care Packages coming in for shields, she’s such a valuable asset to any 9v9 team.

As the opposite approach and squeeze your spawn zone, almost to trap you, there’s nothing better than a load of previous drops to pick loot from. Her Heal Drone might be made redundant in Control, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

7. Bangalore

Apex Legends Bangalore Edition
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Bangalore’s abilities are well suited to a mode where you have to defend objectives.

Pulling off a siege on a particular objective in Apex Legends Control mode can be tough, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. If you’re looking to confuse a defending team, defend yourself from open fire, or teammates, Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

It would be a crime to not mention the Rolling Thunder, as well. The shorter cooldown on her Ultimate will be music to the ears of her mains, spawn trapping your enemies with a carpet bomb, or putting some serious pressure on capturing a zone. When special Capture Bonus areas pop up, you’re going to want a Professional Soldier on your side.

6. Caustic

Caustic Legend Apex
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Caustic is the best Legend for controlling an area, which is why enemies hate him so much.

Defensive Legends can be really effective in Control, and Caustic’s gas is a perfect example of that. By placing a few of the Gas Traps around the location you’re trying to secure, it makes it really difficult for opposing players to enter without harm.

As the gas is ticking away at them during the gunfight, the ramped-up nature of Ultimate abilities means you’ll have a lot more Nox Gas Grenades to pepper the area with. In short, if you can get one or two Caustics in your lineup, have them camping around the B zone and you can’t really go wrong.

Use these abilities in this way and, to quote the Toxic Trapper himself: “One thing is certain. Someone will die.”

5. Valkyrie

valkyrie in apex legends
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Skilled Valkyrie mains are going to be great in Control.

Getting from what can be a faraway land, known as your spawn location, and into the heat of battle can be a struggle for most Legends when your team is being dominated. On Control, quick movement – such as the flying abilities of Valk – can be a game-changer.

First of all, there are a lot of moving targets in a 9v9 situation. Blasting off in the battle royale mode might make you an easy target to track, but often Control players are more likely to move onto another nearby enemy if you jet off into the skies. Chances are, in crowded spots, as you have moved and another teammate has become closer – encouraging them to switch targets.

In addition, the Skyward Dive means you can take another two of your comrades right into the impact zone, and Missile Swarm is always a deadly trick card to play.

4. Revenant

Revenant Heirloom
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Revenant mains will be loving the new Apex Legends mode.

The Synthetic Nightmare has been bobbling around the lower regions of Apex Legends tier lists for many a season now, with arguably underwhelming abilities for battle royale play. That being said, in Control, Revenant comes into his own as an attacking force.

Revenant’s tactical ability, Silence, is an absolute killer when fired at a zone objective. What Control does is forces players to attack in unison, and stand around together, which plays into his hands. Using Silence to disable enemy abilities for a period of time makes them extremely vulnerable to being wiped out. With good communication and the right timing of the offensive play, he can be invaluable.

On top of that, having the potential of nine players diving into a Death Totem – hitting all sorts of damage – and coming back into the gunfight right afterward is a deadly prospect. In the right hands, Rev is a perfect pick in this game mode.

3. Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie abilities
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Mad Maggie might have just entered the Apex Games, but Control is built for her abilities.

After only just entering the Apex Games, this is the first LTM she’s been involved in – and crikey, it suits her. This isn’t going to be the only Aussie you see on our list, but you probably knew that already. Mad Maggie is the new kid on the block and looks built for the high-octane, chaotic, and fun gameplay of Control.

First things first, her Warlord’s Ire passive ability to sprint faster when holding a shotgun (clearly a devastating weapon in close quarters) can prove devastating. In the blink of an eye, the relentless fighter is claiming the zone after wiping two people out with a shotgun loadout.

In addition, the Rebel Warlord has a Riot Drill at her disposal to burn opponents through obstacles – whether that be a Gibby shield, or a wall surrounding the capture zone. That alone can wreak havoc – but toss in a Wrecking Ball and you’re in business.

2. Fuse

Fuse Heirloom Apex Legends
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The ol’ Knuckle Cluster has found its home in Control.

Your team, more often than not, will have a Bombastic Explosives Expert on it – and for good reason, fellas.

With a smaller map to play on and a greater concentration of Legends with the 9v9 setup, shooting in a Knuckle Cluster can deal some deadly damage at different checkpoints. If you’re looking to lock a few enemies down inside their own spawn, too, how about cracking off The Motherload?

For close combat gunfights and pursuing an offensive game to get those capture points, there are not many better than Fuse. Control plays to his strengths tenfold.

1. Wattson

wattson in apex legends
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As a defensive Legend, Wattson works very well in Control.

The longer your team maintains control (no pun intended) of the different zones across the map, the faster the points will rack up. Well, there might be no better fit than Wattson for getting the best outcomes.

Using Perimeter Security fences will create a forcefield for your teams to enter, and keep out the rascals trying to capture your objective. More than one Wattson can see your squad put some serious obstacles in their way, making her by far the best defensive Legend for the task in hand, in Control.

Not only that but her Ultimate ability, the Interception Pilon, is essentially a trophy system to destroy all incoming ordinance. So, if you want to lock down some areas, help capture, and defend objectives – the dazzling French lass is the one for you.

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