Apex Legends dev shuts down requests for Loba bracelet buffs

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An Apex Legends dev has shut down calls for a buff to Loba’s bracelet, claiming they don’t want the “loot specialist to also be a top-tier skirmisher.”

Always on the hunt for the next upgrade in Apex Legends, Loba’s kit is centered around securing the best loot for her and her squad.

While this playstyle is popular with a lot of players, her Tactical has been a serious issue for Loba mains over the years. For a long time, the bracelet simply didn’t work in certain locations and now, the ability has an extremely long cooldown of 30 seconds.

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To resolve this issue, fans have called for a buff to the Tactical by reducing its cooldown. In response, an Apex dev has shut down the idea as they’re worried giving her more mobility will transform the loot specialist into a “top-tier skirmisher”.

Respawn doesn’t want to buff Loba Tactical in Apex Legends

On October 6, Live Balance Designer John Larson decided to engage in a discussion with a fan on Twitter criticizing Respawn for not buffing Loba’s Tactical, claiming it’s the “worst movement ability in the game right now”.

In response to calls for the bracelet cooldown to be reduced, Larson revealed that he doesn’t believe shaving off five seconds will have any “meaningful” effect on her kit.

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In his opinion, the root of the issue cannot be solved by simply allowing players to use the ability more. For him, a better solution would be addressing the “travel/animation times and visual/audio cues” that make the ability feel extremely punishing to use.

This suggests Respawn is open to reworking the ability at some point in the future and acknowledges that it’s not in a good spot at the moment.

Despite this, Larson made it very clear that while the bracelet may need major changes, it doesn’t need to be buffed.

In Respawn’s eyes, Loba’s kit is centered around her ability to find and collect loot, and fans of the Translocating Thief see plenty of success adopting this playstyle.

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In their opinion, by directly buffing the bracelet, they risk transforming Loba into a “top-tier skirmisher” when they’re keen to maintain her role as a “loot specialist”.

Finally, Larson rounded off the discussion by arguing that “fun doesn’t have a 1:1 correlation with power”, so a direct buff in his opinion isn’t the correct way to solve the problem.

Instead, it’s clear he wants to delve deeper into the issues with the ability and potentially overhaul it completely.

So, it’s safe to say Loba mains shouldn’t be expecting any cooldown changes to her Tactical in the near future.

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However, it’s clear that Respawn knows Loba’s bracelet doesn’t feel fun to use and is in dire need of changes.

Of course, when these alterations will be implemented is impossible to know, and with characters like Gibralter still waiting for their rework, it could be a long wait for Loba.