“Unfair” Loba disadvantage is still not fixed after 2 years in Apex Legends

Loba looking back at camera in Apex Legends in white suit skinRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players are annoyed that a design issue with Loba has still not been fixed despite the fact she’s been in the battle royale for almost 10 seasons at this point.

When Loba was first introduced to Apex Legends all the way back in Season 5, plenty of fans wondered how her abilities – specifically her bracelet and Black Market Boutique – would affect the battle royale’s meta.

While she hasn’t always been the strongest legend in the game, the Translocating Thief has always had a place in fans’ hearts and is used on a somewhat steady basis compared to the likes of Crypto and Mad Maggie.

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However, despite her approaching her tenth season in Apex Legends, there are still a few flaws with Loba, especially when it comes to hiding behind cover. And some fans can’t believe it hasn’t been addressed yet.

Apex Legends players want “unfair” Loba issue fixed

If you’ve never noticed it to this point, well, Loba sticks out when she attempts to hide behind cover. Despite being on the smaller side of the legends, her head is clearly visible, even though, on her side, it looks as if she’s fully concealed.

Apex Legends YouTuber Skeptation highlighted the problem again on October 9, saying it’s been over 880 days and players are still falling foul to the issue.

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He pointed out that the only way, still, to get around the problem is to equip a weapon and look fully at the floor. In doing so, Loba will duck, but if her weapon is holstered, she’ll remain visible. This is an issue that doesn’t affect any legend but her, however.

Despite it being an issue for so long, some players have been oblivious to it to this point, and now want respawn to address it.

“How did they not test this like, I’m legitimately super surprised,” said one. “I don’t understand why would anyone make a pvp shooter where the 1st person view is WAY off compared to the 3rd person model,” commented another. “Don’t really care about Loba but this is unfair,” added another.

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Some players believe it is a purposeful design from Respawn and that things will never be changed. Though, there are plenty of others who believe otherwise. So, we’ll just have to wait and see if anything does happen.