Clever Apex Legends trick is the perfect counter to Gibraltar’s bubble shield

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Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends trick is giving players a way to use Gibraltar’s tactical ability against him with a clever use for Arc Stars that deals maximum damage to enemy teams.

Gibby is dominating the pro meta as teams prioritize the character for the ample amount of protection and benefits his abilities can provide. As people are seeing more of him, players have been getting creative on how to counter the Shielded Fortress.

While Respawn Entertainment are doing things on their end to shake up the popular Legend, members of the Apex community are taking it into their own hands to deal with the pesky pick.

Even though Gibby is revered for his bubble shield, there’s a way to bamboozle teams who are relying too much on the tactical.

Apex Legends trick makes Gibraltar’s shield dangerous

Reddit user ‘ottrboii’ found a way to “easily wipe squads” inside the dome of protection by throwing an Arc Star at the peak of the bubble, as the ability runs out.

If you time it correctly, the Arc Star will ‘stick’ to the top of the dome shield. Once it dissipates, the nade should explode and hit anyone in its radius.

One Redditor was convinced this could be strong in pro tournaments. “I feel like this could significantly impact high-level play. Gibby bubbles are a Lifeline (cause she’s useless now) for high-level engagements. Nuking everyone’s shields the moment your cover drops? Devastating.”

Basically, this technique makes the ability backfire on teams who are relying on the shield. As the shield goes down they’ll be greeted with an Arc Star and damaged heavily.

Respawn Entertainment
Gibraltar has been a force in Apex Legends, and players are finding fun counters against him.

Even for teams who are expecting the tactic, this should still give aggressors a way to make shield campers exit the bubble a bit sooner.

Apex players are always looking for ways to get an edge in the battle royale, so don’t forget to take all the strats you can, especially against popular picks like Gibraltar.

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