Loba hit with unexpected nerf in Apex Legends Season 12

. 5 months ago
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Respawn Entertainment

Support Legend and high society thief, Loba, has been given an unexpected nerf coming into Apex Legends Season 12, and Loba mains aren’t pleased.

Apex Legends Season 12 has kicked off a bang – literally. Introducing Fuse‘s old rival, Mad Maggie to the fray, alongside the all-new Control mode, this season is one of the biggest yet.

While recon character, Crypto, has finally received a much-needed buff, Legends like Caustic have been knocked down a few pegs due to their increased dominance on the battlefield.

But, an unannounced nerf has hit high society thief turned ruthless killer, Loba, however, and fans of the character aren’t particularly pleased.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex’s resident cat burglar has had a few of her nine lives removed.

Loba’s surprise nerf in Season 12

Although its main purpose is collecting loot, one of the many benefits of Loba’s Black Market Boutique ultimate is its ability to block incoming fire and, in some cases, access routes through doors and tight spaces.

In Season 12 though, it appears that the latter feature has been removed, meaning that that iconic wolf-headed cane no longer cuts off access through doors by placing the boutique next to them.

LOBA’S ULTIMATE DOESN’T BLOCK DOORS ANYMORE?? @PlayApex WHY?” asks Apex Streamer Karlitaax, with another quickly proving their point by attaching a video in the comments section.

As you can see in the video, the doors open through Loba’s ultimate, almost as though it wasn’t there. In past seasons the door would jam and refuse to open, meaning this is either a fix from Respawn, or simply an unexpected bug.

It seems like the issue may extend beyond Loba’s abilities, though, as one player notes that the Legend’s longtime rival, Revenant, also can’t use his totem to block doors either. It appears the collision for these items has been changed in the game’s code, either by design or unintentionally.

Respawn have already had to fix a few unintended nerfs coming into Season 12, including issues with the game’s SMGs. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not this gets added to the list, or if it was implemented intentionally.

For now, though, at least you know not to try and block things with Loba’s ult, otherwise it could have been a pretty nasty surprise in the making.

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