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Rare bug makes World’s Edge map vanish in Apex Legends

Published: 18/Dec/2019 15:59

by Calum Patterson


One of the most insane map glitches yet has been discovered on Apex Legends, sending an entire lobby plummeting directly into nothing but open water, and giving one lucky squad a very easy win.

Despite frequent updates, Apex Legends still has its issues with bugs and glitches, especially with so much new content being added at an increased pace since launch.

For Season 3, Respawn took the game to another level by adding in a new map, Worlds Edge, but it hasn’t been totally without its own issues – even one particularly egregious bug that just makes it disappear entirely.

Respawn EntertainmentWorld’s Edge was added at the start of Season 3, replacing Kings Canyon.

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This bug has actually reared its head a few times, as players first started noticing it back in mid-November.

As players jump out of the dropship, instead of being met with a bird’s-eye view of the terrain, they are simply staring into the abyss of the wide ocean.

Competitive player eRa Anbu took the glitch to the next level though, managing to hover above sea-level in a bizarre floating state, until the rest of the lobby was wiped out, making his squad champions.

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Although the match started with a nearly full lobby of all 20 teams, Anbu and his teammates, lyric and ACE, were able to outlive the rest of the enemies on the non-existent map, securing the win.


Considering this bug has been present since sometime earlier in Season 3, and is still occurring, it may be proving difficult for Respawn to patch.

Thankfully, it’s not a very frequent glitch, and you’ll be pretty unlucky to find yourself in one of these bugged matches.

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This is far from the only fault with the World’s Edge map though, as others have also found similar (although not quite as extreme) glitches.

One very unlucky player ended up trapped inside an out-of-bounds zone after using a balloon, quickly ending their match in the most unfortunate of circumstances.


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Given that the disappearing map glitch isn’t too common, Respawn are unlikely to be prioritizing it over more regular issues, as well as developing new content and modes in the run-up to the end of Season 3.
Season 4 is set to launch on the one year anniversary of Apex Legends‘ release on February 4, 2019, and fans are expecting the developers to have something big up their sleeves.